Safety Awareness

OH&S Awareness Program

As part of ensuring that the harness racing industry remains in line with modern commercial practices and most importantly provides participants with an on-going awareness of current OH&S issues, Harness Racing Victoria is committed to providing an introductory course concerning OH&S issues relevant to the racing industry.

All newly licensed persons for the 2013/14 season will be required to complete a compulsory OH&S program as part of the licensing process.

An OH&S document will be sent to newly licensed persons to enable them to complete the OH&S requirements for the issue of a licence.

Licensees who have previously completed the OH&S program in recent years will not be required to complete the program for the 2013/14 season.

It must also be noted that Harness Racing Victoria also has a number of OHS Policies & Procedures and Safety Guidance Notes that are dedicated towards the harness racing industry and its participants. In order to access these documents please contact Harness Racing Victoria.

Owner Access Passes

In an aim to continuously improve the operation of its On-Course Horse Movement Policy, HRV has reviewed the current policy whereby owners must be signed in by their trainer or other licensed stable representative.  As a result the Owners Access Pass has been introduced. 

Please contact David Allison at the offices of HRV on (03) 8378 0233 or email: if you require any further information.  Once contacted, HRV will provide an OH&S Booklet by mail to enable the applicant to complete the assessment criteria and return to HRV.

How do I obtain this level of accreditation? 

The following two requirements must be completed:

  1. Owners provide a written reference from their trainer stating the owner is aware the stabling area is the workplace of the trainers, stablehands & drivers and needs to be respected as such, and that owners need to give space and clearance for race-day personnel. 

    Also, that the owner is aware of the risks associated with horses; in particular, kicking, biting & reaction to external stimuli such as noise, waving hands and fast sudden movements. Owners also need to be aware of the risks associated with horses moving in & around the horse area.
  2. Complete an OH&S Assessment Booklet and return to HRV for accreditation and issue of an identification pass.
  3. Provide a passport type photo either mail when returning your assessment documents or email to

Once accredited what is the procedure for accessing horse movement areas?

Owners will be sent an Owners Access Pass. This pass will grant them unrestricted access to horse movement areas at meetings where they have a horse engaged.

To ensure this requirement is adhered to, owners will still be required to visit the race-day/secretaries office to collect a Stable Access Pass on presentation of their Owners Access Pass, however no sign in by the trainer will be required. It will be a requirement of entry to horse movement areas that both passes be displayed together.

Holders of an Owners Access Pass will still be required to purchase a Harness Card to gain course entry or pay the required entrance fee on arrival.

Can owners still access horse movement areas without the Owners Access Pass?

Yes. However, such owners will do so under the current arrangement whereby they need to be signed in and accompanied by a licensed person while in the horse movement area.