The Aurora Australis shines an international spotlight on Victorian trotting.

Beginning in January, the series unites the rich Group 1s that headline Victoria’s summer trotting feature program.

It begins with the Aldebaran Park Maori Mile at Bendigo on January 9, where the fastest free-for-all trotting stars compete for glory on one of the quickest tracks in the state.

The Aurora Australis then heads to Ballarat on Cup Night for the traditional E B Cochran Trotters Cup on January 23.

Victoria’s metropolitan home of trotting, Tabcorp Park Melton, plays host to the final five legs of the $680,000 Aurora Australis series of races – with the $50,000 V L Dullard Trotters Cup on January 30, the $400,000 (2x $50,000 heats into a $300,000 Final) What The Hill Great Southern Star series on the night of February 5, the $50,000 Knight Pistol on February 13 and the $100,000 Trotting Grand Prix on February 27.

A lure to Australasia’s best trotters, the Aurora Australis will attract international participation from key global trotting markets in years to come.



Day Date Month Race Track Distance Current Prizemoney
Saturday 9th January Maori Mile Bendigo 1609m $50,000
Saturday 23rd January Cochrane Ballarat 2200m $30,000
Saturday 30th January Dullard Melton 2240m $50,000
Friday 5th February GSS Heat Melton 1720m $50,000
Friday 5th February GSS Heat Melton 1720m $50,000
Friday 5th February GSS Melton 1720m $300,000
Saturday 13th February Knight Pistol Melton 2240m $50,000
Saturday 27th February Grand Prix Melton 2240m $100,000

Grand Total: $680,000