About HRV

Harness Racing Victoria is a statutory body for which the Victorian Minister for Racing is responsible.

Established pursuant to section 39(1) of the Racing Act, 1958, it officially commenced operations as the Trotting Control Board on January 1, 1947.

Harness Racing Victoria’s function is to administer, develop and promote the sport of Harness Racing in Victoria.

Our mission is “to develop a vibrant Harness Racing industry that promotes participation, integrity and racing excellence, grows wagering and other revenue streams and maximises returns to its stakeholders.”

Our goals and key objectives are to create a vibrant and sustainable harness racing industry by:

  • Maximising returns to participants and remain a market leader.
  • Improving the product and brand.
  • Increasing harness wagering turnover and market share.
  • Building a business that is stronger and more financially viable.
  • Increasing the professionalism of the sport.

HRV Values

  • Honesty : Be straightforward, honest and fair in your dealings with all people.
  • Accountability : Achieve results through the best use of your skills and experience.
  • Integrity : Ensure actions are not tainted by an actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • Impartiality : Treat all people fairly impartially and honestly without fear or favour.
  • Responsive Service : Provide relevant, quality and timely communication and service to all.
  • Empathy : Maximize the wellbeing of participants.