Procurement at Harness Racing Victoria

HRV is an agency of the State Government of Victoria and is required to undertake procurement activities within the VGPB (Victorian Government Purchasing Board) policies.

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Code of conduct

The Victorian Government is committed to an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement process.

The Supplier code of conduct describes the minimum expectation in the areas of:

  • Integrity, ethics and conduct
  • Conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality
  • Corporate governance
  • Labour and human rights
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental management

Supplier Code of Conduct


Forward Procurement Activity Plan

Harness Racing Victoria will publish a list of planned procurements for the next 12-24 months in accordance with VGPB policy.  This plan will be updated when new information is available or every 12 months.

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All new tenders will be advertised here and on the Buying for Victoria Tenders website 

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Complaints policy

Harness Racing Victoria works to ensure our procurement process is fair and transparent.

For any complaints regarding procurement at HRV, please refer to the Harness Racing Victoria Complaints Policy.

HRV Complaints Policy