Dan Mielicki, Simone Fisher and Matt Stewart were joined by David Moran on RSN’s Cracking the Codes for an update on one of Australasia’s premier pacers Lochinvar Art.

A week after Ride High’s first-up blitz to break the Melton last-half record (52.7secs) and obliterate rivals by 28.9m in 1:51.6, Moran praised the performance of one of his biggest likely Victoria Cup adversaries come October. 

“I thought he was brilliant,” he told Cracking the Codes.

“You see a lot of horses run time nowadays, but you know when they are really moving. And he did that the other night. He hit the line like he had another 200 metres to go.”

Moran said Lochinvar Art was a “once in a lifetime” type horse and “the perfect horse” with his mix of speed and strength.

Listen to the full interview on the Cracking the Codes podcast

Meanwhile, Milicki, Stewart and Fisher also paid tribute to the late Graham Salisbury, whose partnership with Subzero will forever be etched in folklore. Salisbury passed away last week.

“It was such a unique pairing and it is hard to define the story, whether it was a racing story or a community story or a mental health story,” Stewart said.

Mielicki recalled fond memories at the track when Salisbury went out of his way to ensure patrons, especially kids, were able to pat Subbie.

“I remember when my kids were really little. Every time we were there Graham would call them over so they could pat Subzero. It wasn’t just my kids, he did it to everyone, he let everyone pat Subzero," he said.