The ID19 TrotStars' ladder leader came within 13 points of perfection on night one and Kenneth Brown's team looks well drawn to repeat the dose when the Inter Dominion continues at Auckland tonight.

Brown's team of Ultimate Sniper (17 points), A G's White Socks (17 points), Paramount King (15 points), Temporale (8 points) and Habibti Inta (6 points) shot to the top on Friday night, two points clear of second-placed @SlipperyNZ despite one of his highest-priced recruits - Habibti Inta - failing to fire.

Ominously for the chasing bunch, Brown's squad looks well poised for more points tonight with Ultimate Sniper $2.20 favourite to win his heat, A G's White Socks a $5.50 well-drawn equal second favourite, and both Habibti Inta ($3.80) and Temporale ($4.20) also well in the market. Notably, all are drawn in separate heats, so won't point steal. Paramount King is an $11 chance in the night's final heat.

The perfect night one team would have produced 76 points, consisting of A G's White Socks (cost 13, 17 points), Ultimate Sniper (cost 32, 17 points), Paramount King (cost 3, 15 points), Winterfell (cost 27, 15 points) and Massive Metro (cost 24, 12 points), which came in at a 99 TrotCoins cost.


A look at the most-selected horses (see below) suggest many missed the mark, with the five most-picked horses combining for only 31 points on night one, of which 14 came from Chase Auckland.

The fun continues from 6.20pm (ADST) tonight at Auckland with the third pacing heat.

ID19 TrotStars Top 10 after Night 1:

1: Kenneth Brown 63

2: @SlipperyNZ 61

3: @okanepeter 60

Eq 4: Daniel Costello 58, Shane Fitzgerald 58

Eq 6: @MattMarkham 57, Steve Walters 57

Eq 8: @TheGnomeMan 56

Eq 9: @TomHubb17762491 55, @trotracing 55, Luke Dyer 55, Thomas Hubbard 55

The 10 Most-Picked horses

Our Uncle Sam 40.6% (4 points, cost 13 TrotCoins) 

Habibi Inta 31.5% 

Bling It On 29.3%

Kenny's Dream 27.5%

Chase Auckland 22.1%

Big Jack Hammer 22.1%

Ashley Locaz 19.2%

Mach Shard 16.3%

Temporale 15.9%

Marcoola 14.9%

The 10 Best Selections on a Points-per-TrotCoin Ratio

Paramount King 5 (points per TrotCoin)

Destiny Jones 2.33

Valloria 2

Sertorius 2

Solid Gold 1.67

Mach Shard 1.33

A G's White Socks 1.31

C K Spur 1.25

Dance Time 1

Kenny's Dream 1 

The 10 Worst Selections on a Points-per-TrotCoin Ratio

McLovin (scratched) 0

Henry Hubert 0.07

Bling It On 0.12

Tough Monarch 0.15

Colt Thirty One 0.15

Another Masterpiece 0.15

Habibi Inta 0.19

Woodstone 0.20

Classie Brigade 0.21

Atomic Red 0.26