The eyes didn't lie at Tabcorp Park Melton on Saturday night with Ride High's last half lowering the benchmark for exploits at Victoria's home of the trots.

Dan Mielicki's "wow" and Kima Frenning's "ridiculous" were more than justified by the numbers after the Clayton Tonkin runner's barnstorming victory in Saturday night's Vale Rod Osborne Pace.

Ride High's 52.7-second last half was the quickest final 800 metres recorded at Tabcorp Park, surpassing the previous benchmark set by Chilli Palmer of 53.4 seconds set in the 2014 4YO Bonanza.

Making the feat all the more formiddable was the fact Ride High was merely allowed to roll along on Saturday night and was never pressed by Frenning nor challenged by a rival, with almost 30 metres separating him from second-placed Our Step Up.

"I didn't pull anything. He probably just knocked off a little bit because he didn't have anything to race," Frenning told Trots Vision post-race. "He's so competitive and such a professional, if he had something to race I'd be scared to see what he could do in the last quarter."


Reinforcing Ride High's prodigious talent is his stranglehold on Tabcorp Park Melton's leading last half performers despite his tender age (five), limited racing (12 starts) and that his record time was set when first-up since December.

Of the top five fastest last halves at Tabcorp Park he has three of them, including the two quickest last halves over the middle distance (2240m).

Here are the top 10 last halves at Tabcorp Park: 

RIDE HIGH VALE ROD OSBORNE PACE 1720 20/06/2020 52.7 7 29.7 29.9 26.9 25.8 1:51.6
CHILLI PALMER GARRARDS 4YO BONANZA 1720 8/02/2014 53.4 7.2 29.7 28.9 26.6 26.8 1:51.5
LOCHINVAR ART ALABAR 4YO BONANZA 1720 25/01/2020 53.7 6.8 27.9 27.6 27.3 26.4 1:48.6
RIDE HIGH COGS 4YO & 5YO CHAMPIONSHIP 2240 9/11/2019 53.7 47.5 32 30.8 26.9 26.8 1:57.8
RIDE HIGH IRT BREEDERS CROWN (3YO C&G) FINAL 2240 25/08/2018 53.8 45.5 30.5 30.6 28.1 25.7 1:55.2
LAZARUS EYNESBURY VICTORIA CUP 2240 28/01/2017 53.8 44.2 30 28.6 27.4 26.4 1:52.5
HECTORJAYJAY CITY OF MELTON PLATE XXVIII 1720 3/09/2016 53.8 6.7 29 29.9 27.2 26.6 1:51.7
IDEAL SCOTT SHADOW PLAY BREEDERS CROWN (4YO E&G) HEAT 2240 11/08/2013 53.8 46.9 30.9 30.3 27.1 26.7 1:56.3
MACHA CADUCEUS CLUB CUP 2240 16/02/2013 53.9 46.6 30.1 31 27.7 26.2 1:56.1
LUMINEER RELAY FOR LIFE @ TABCORP PARK PACE 1720 4/01/2020 53.9 7.5 30.4 29.1 26.9 27 1:53.1


No. 1 Ride High

Plugs in and untouched, Ride High resets the record book with a 52.7-second last half in the Vale Rod Osborne Pace.


No. 2 Chilli Palmer

Chilli Palmer crashes the line to win the 2014 Garrards 4YO Bonanza.


No. 3 Lochinvar Art

Lochinvar Art and Self Assured have one of the great trots battles in a breathtaking Alabar 4YO Bonanza, which crushes the 1:50 mile rate mark for the first time in Victoria.


No. 4 Ride High

Ride High produces the fastest middle-distance last half with victory in the COGS 4YO & 5YO Championship (and how about Hurricane Harley late!).


No. 5 Ride High

A much-hyped, star-studded edition of the Breeders Crown three-year-old boys final proves a romp for Ride High who away his rivals.


No. 6 Lazarus

"The world is his oyster!" Mark Purdon's brilliant stallion Lazarus lured the crowds through the turnstiles and didn't disappoint in winning the Eynesbury Victoria Cup.


No. 7 Hectorjayjay

Speed machine Hectorjayjay had few peers at his peak, a fact he reinforced in the 2016 City of Melton Plate when he led them a merry dance despite his wide front row draw.


No. 8 Ideal Scott

Ideal Scott moves to the front mid-race and holds off Restrepo to win his Breeders Crown heat. 


No. 9 Macha

Macha finds the front and holds off some star-studded challengers to win the Caduceus Club Cup.


No. 10 Lumineer

Lumineer reminded of his prodigous talent by kicking off 2020 with a blistering victory in a great bout with highly touted Demon Delight.