The dream is quickly becoming a reality for Mick Gadsden and Denbeigh Wade with King Denny's dramatic improvement drawing him near a TAB Inter Dominion Trotters Cup berth.

The former Kiwi trotter's advance continues in Sunday's BSL/St Arnaud Sporting Club Trotters Cup, when he will start off 10m in Wade's hands, hoping to replicate his What The Hill Swan Hill Trotters Cup win that has him in contention for both the Maori's Idol Trophy Series and an ID18 start.

King Denny advanced from 68 to 25 in the latest ID18 trotting rankings and Gadsden told Trots Talk hosts Michael Howard and Nims Azoor he hoped the trotter could launch into the starting 24 with another impressive performance on Sunday.

"Just to nominate the horse (for the Inter Dominion) to start with was exciting enough for us," Gadsden said. "I grew up with a hobbyist background, Dad had a couple of handy ones but nothing you'd call a really nice horse, so just to nominate him was good enough.

"After winning at Swan Hill and he shot up the rankings, the dream's sort of there. It's a bit exciting to wake up every morning and know within a month's time we could be competing with the best."

It's also great reward for effort for Gadsden, a farrier, who's helped King Denny overcome injury that had threatened his racing career.

"He had a couple of bruises, a bit of quarter-crack, just little things that were making him hang and go a bit rough in his gate but we've ironed them out," he told Trots Talk.

"In the smaller stable environment we can really spoil him and treat him like the king that he really is."

The camp is optimistic he will continue to bring the stable rewards at St Arnaud on Sunday.

"If the tempo's not there we might be able to put him in the race, try and drive him a bit more positive than what we did at Melton," Gadsden said. "If they go hard up front, then it will just open him right up into it, because he will run home after a good speed."