Keayang Ignite and Segesta have found their way into my Black Book this week, while we remove Adele Said, Dusty Martini, Extortion, Emerging Talent and Seasong. 

As usual my full list of Black Book horses to follow can be found beneath the report. 



Trial 1: - BUNDISGOOD was able to scoot to the lead from the outside draw and was untroubled in scoring in the opening trial. NAKED AMBITION (Andover Hall – Starcus $55,576) settled behind the leader but galloped and lost approximately 30m on the first corner. He chased hard and was able to get into second but he couldn’t catch BUNDISGOOD, which coasted to victory. DATIZIT was driven along and struggling throughout the entire trial. He couldn’t keep the back of BUNDISGOOD early and he was yielding ground a long way from home. ZIPPIN AROUND galloped at the start and was a distant last throughout. She galloped again on the home turn.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.8             Final Half: - 60.1               Margins: - 12m, 100m

Trial 2: - ROSANNA RAIDER settled three back on the markers and came out wide on the track going around the final corner. He finished off with plenty of momentum and won the trial comfortably. IAMTHEREALREACTOR trailed the leader throughout and quickly got to the lead in the initial stages of the home straight before being run down by ROSANNA RAIDER. TANABI FALCON began in second and unsuccessfully tried to gain the back of the leader so he had to be restrained to the tail. He worked home well without being pushed. The early leader OHOKA DIESEL dropped out late to finish last of the four runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.2             Final Half: - 58.5               Margins: - 6m, 6m

MILDURA 06/10/19

Trial 1: - BUYERS MARKET was stood down to trial after galloping when a big winning chance at Mildura last week. He settled in the one out and one back trail before moving around into the death seat at the bell. He drew to the lead in the home straight and proved too strong at the finish, although he did pace roughly on the line. PUOPOLO trailed the leader KENSINGTON MAID and came to the outside to chase BUYERS MARKET in the final 100m. He finished reasonably well with KENSINGTON MAID holding down third. LIVINGINTHESHADOW settled three back on the markers and tried to manoeuvre into the one out and one back trail in the last lap but couldn’t fill that position. He ended up finishing fourth in front of KILLER CARCHICK, which raced without cover and yielded ground from the 700m mark.

Last Mile: - 2.5.0               Final Half: - 60.4               Margins: - 5m, Head

Trial 2: - PASSIONATE PURSUIT was able to lead throughout and win by a comfortable margin. ALL ABOUT LEXY settled three back on the markers and was held up for a run behind the tiring PEREGRINEINFLIGHT (Grinfromeartoear – Peregrine 2.2.9, $3,350) before switching to the outside at the 500m mark. He finished off nicely for second in front of OUTA CONTROL, which battled on well after being in the death seat throughout. PEREGRINEINFLIGHT dropped out to be second last and PRECIOUS PECS (Art Major – Bettor Abs 1.59.8, $33,788), which gained a nice trail behind OUTA CONTROL, dropped out to be last of the five runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.0             Final Half: - 58.4               Margins: - 12m, 2m

Trial 3: - MURRANJI TRACK was clearly the class runner of the trial and he came from three back on the markers to win effortlessly. BEST OF BEAUTY set up a slow tempo in the lead and tried to dash home in a fast last 800m but he couldn’t withstand the challenge of MURRANJI TRACK in the run to the finish. THERMAL REACTOR dropped out to be last of the four runners in the early stages. He was able to get the better of JOHNS GRIN (trailed leader) in the home straight to fill third position.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.8             Final Half: - 57.4               Margins: - 10m, 3m

KYABRAM 06/10/19

Trial 1: - CRESCO GERONIMO hasn’t raced since June 2017 where he finished unplaced in a heat of the Super Series. He dashed home in a reasonable final half to defeat YOU NINETY TWO, which scored in a trial a week earlier. NOTRE DAME finished third in front of the trotter JACKSON SQUARE and MISS HULLABALOO finished last of the five runners.

Last Mile: - 2.5.0               Final Half: - 58.5               Margins: - Neck, 6m

HORSHAM 07/10/19

Trial 1: - MADAZALWAYS was clearly the class runner of the field and took out the trial from his stable mate GLENAVRIL KING. MOLON LAVE (Fling It – Atego Lilly 2.3.0, $48,992) has trialled frequently over the past month and finished a good distance behind the Aaron Dunn trained duo.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.6             Final Half: - 58.7               Margins: - 1.25m, 73.5m

GEELONG 07/10/19

Trial 1: - All of the four horses stepped away nicely from the standing start with RUM AN ROYAL working to the front. He was able to set up a slow tempo and held on to win the trial. KEAYANG IGNITE (Angus Hall – Aldebaran Revenue) settled last of the four runners and was the first to make a move at the 700m. He momentarily raced without cover before gaining the one out and one back trail behind NO BIGGIE (Wishing Stone – No Restraint 2.4.8, $12,756). He switched back to the markers when MEGEVE (The Best Madrik – The Kahmotion) galloped from behind the leader on the home turn and he sprinted home strongly for a game second. He seemed to have something in reserve at the finish so it was an impressive trial performance. NO BIGGIE battled on quite well after moving up without cover from the 500m and was a close up third. MEGEVE finished last after her error on the home turn.

Mile Rate: - 2.10.5           Final Half: - 60.2               Margins: - 2m, 2m

BLACKBOOKER: - Keayang Ignite

Trial 2: - ARMCHAIR DRIVE stepped away best from the standing start and was able to lead throughout. BACARDI CARTA was able to angle in and trail the leader before the first corner. He picked up some ground in the latter stages and finished a nice second. AMOUR DE FRERE was third throughout and held his ground in the final 100m. The entire field remained in the same order throughout with DESTINEE JENILOU finishing fourth in front of the top mare DANCE CRAZE, which was never pushed at any stage.  

Mile Rate: - 2.5.6             Final Half: - 59.5               Margins: - 1.5m, 3m

Trial 3: - The former New South Wales trained pacer ANODOUBT settled midfield (1-2) and sustained a good run out wide on the track to take out the trial from MISS DANGERFIELD, which was one out and three back before finishing off strongly. BAD BOY SHADOW finished in third position after gaining the one out and one back trail and WAR DAN DELIGHT came from last to run into a distant fourth. SAVE OUR PENNYS settled three back on the markers and appeared to be bolting on the home turn before he was able to swing to the outside. He finished strongly to finish fifth in front of the early leader BRONSKI MOMENT. LUVTOO trailed BRONSKI MOMENT and was held up badly for a run. She finished seventh and ZALTA came in at the tail of the field after racing without cover throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.2             Final Half: - 58.7               Margins: - Head, 3m

Trial 4: - KEAYANG DESTINY settled four back on the markers and moved away from the inside (1-2) at the 800m mark. He came to the extreme outside in the home straight and produced a big finish to get up and win. MACELLI trailed the leader RULE OF THUMB and was held up for a run at a vital stage before gaining a run through the middle and working into second position. FLAMING FLUTTER settled last of the six runners and moved to the death seat with a mile remaining. He loomed up and hit the lead on the home turn but was collared in the final 50m. JACKS COMMAND settled five back on the inside and continued to use inside runs throughout the entire trial before switching back to the sprint lane. He picked up fourth in front of RULE OF THUMB and LETS CUT LOOSE (3 back markers, 1-1) came in last of the six runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.3             Final Half: - 56.4               Margins: - 2m, 1m

Trial 5: - SPORTY CULTURE (Sportswriter – Café Culture 2.2.0, $4,699) proved too strong after racing without cover for the entire trial. He did appear to have plenty in reserve in the run to the finish. JEMSTONE GLORY raced three back on the markers in the first lap and moved into the one out and one back trail at the bell. He ran into second in front of the early leader POLANDIE. MISTER GLEE (Mr Feelgood – Love You More) finished fourth after trailing the leader throughout. WARPAINT (Colour Me Quick – Always Ready Rita 2.8.5, $3,343) is a skewbald mare by a son of former Queensland idol Rorschach in Colour Me Quick. She settled five back on the markers behind FRANKING CREDIT (Western Terror – Lets Go Baby 2.0.5, $26,833) and was able to run past that pacer in the run to the finish.

Mile Rate: - 2.9.2             Final Half: - 59.9               Margins: - 8m, 2m

Trial 6: - REINE SEREINE (Orlando Vici – My Serene Queen $13,035) settled three back on the markers and moved to the death seat at the 500m. She kept on making ground on the leader HALLABOUTME and grabbed victory on the post. HALLABOUTME started to trot roughly after being placed under pressure in the latter stages but was able to hold down second. ARAIGNEE FLAIR (Yankee Spider – Petite Flair 2.4.1, $3,675) finished third after trailing the leader throughout. BEAU GARCON was last of the four competitive chances throughout and ABITOFADREAMER was always tailed off after galloping at the start.

Last Mile: - 2.8.6               Final Half: - 62.3               Margins: - Neck, 6m

Trial 7: - PHARISEE settled three back on the markers and didn’t chase the two tearaway leaders in the first circuit. He closed in during the final lap and was about to chase down TZU NIEN before that trotter galloped and left him a mile clear. He went on to win the trial by a large margin. TZU NIEN tried to lead early but was held out by ARU AND ME. He then wanted to race fiercely and the pair went very quickly until ARU AND ME eventually relented to the pressure. TZU NIEN got away from ARU AND ME at the 500m but he broke stride shortly afterwards. He was able to recover and run into second again late. ARU AND ME finished in third position. MEL DURANT galloped at the start and finished in a distant fourth position ahead of FROSTY RECEPTION, which couldn’t keep in touch with the leading trio, and NORMANDY BELLE was tailed off after galloping in the score up.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.7             Final Half: - 62.8               Margins: - 30m, 6m

KILMORE 08/10/19

Trial 1: - PETITE LOVE was able to win at her first run since May and she was able to take out the opening trial from ROBBIE ZUVE, which hasn’t raced since March. GOOBER (Angus Hall – Jumanji Franco) is an unraced 3yo trotter for trainer Alison Alford. He wasn’t far away from the winner, which wasn’t a bad performance considering PETITE LOVE and ROBBIE ZUVE are both winners of multiple races.

Mile Rate: - 2.10.7           Final Half: - 64.2               Margins: - 6m, 1.5m

Trial 2: - ROCKABELLA STARZ recorded handy time in a lead up to her first up run at Melton on Saturday night. She defeated SPRINGFIELD TATTOO with NOTA REPLICA finishing last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.8             Final Half: - 57.6               Margins: - 8m, 5m

Trial 3: - GIGIS GRINNER (Grinfromeartoear – Mademoiselle Gigi 1.58.9, $45,441) was outgunned by CONSTANTINA, which showed brilliant gate speed, at the start but he was able to circle around that pacer to find the front at the 1700m. CONSTANTINA came to the outside to race without cover with 500m remaining and joined GIGIS GRINNER but he couldn’t get past and GIGIS GRINNER went on to win the trial. SEGESTA (Roll With Joe – Lettucesomewhere 1.56.8, $43,490) is a Kari Males trained filly that trialled very nicely. She settled four back on the markers and made up a lot of ground under a strong hold in the final 100m. ETERNAL PEACE (Dawn ofa New Day – Angola) settled down last and was able to pick up MISS DUNCAN (Alta Christiano – Scented 1.58.0, $35,988) (3 back markers) in the latter stages.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.7             Final Half: - 63.0               Margins: - 1.5m, 2m


Trial 4: - BISCUIT has been trialling nicely over the past few weeks and he was able to lead throughout and win comfortably. SUN PEAKS began quick enough to hold out BISCUIT in the early stages of the event but he took cover after 200m and enjoyed a nice run thereafter. He finished second in front of CAESAR MOON (Julius Caesar – Bonitas), which was three back on the markers throughout. CHRISKEN COUNTRY settled down last and began yielding ground with 500m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.7             Final Half: - 59.2               Margins:  10m, 15m

Trial 5: - MIRAKURU is a strong pacer for trainer Steve Cleave and he showed terrific early pace to lead by approximately 15m in the early stages. He was always in control and took out the trial comfortably. GILTY HANOVER settled down in third position before moving to the death seat at the bell. She was able to hold down second in front of RED HOT TOOTH, which wrapped up her Bill Collins Sprint preparation with a third. She settled down last of the four runners and followed GILTY HANOVER before ducking back to the inside approaching the home turn. She wasn’t fully extended at the finish. THE NEPTUNE KID dropped out to be last of the four after trailing the leader throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.6             Final Half: - 57.2               Margins: - 15m, 2m


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