This week I've made several changes to the Trial File Blackbook, adding three horses to our watch list and removing 15. 

From the 15 horses removed, we had 24 starts for 8 wins (33.33%) and 10 minor placings during their time in the book.  

This week's changes are as follows.

In: Celestial Trekker, Ozzie Sunshine and Jilliby Babavska.

Out: Artemede (1st @ $1.4 & 2nd @ $7.4), Maajida (2nd @ $2.8 & 1st $1.6), Dream Mastar (7th @ $7.2 & 4th @ $2.5), Luvyoubabe (1st @ $4.4), Im Daddy Warbucks (1st @ $2.1 & 3rd @ $4.7), Sammy Showdown (2nd @ $4.2 & 5th @ $2.9), Sleepee (1st @ $1.5 & 2nd @ $1.5), Catch A Moment (1st @ $1.9 & 1st @ $1.7), Lunchwitharthur (2nd @ $1.8), Lochinvar Fire (2nd @ $3.3 & 4th @ $6.4), Maori Armour (6th @ $57), Revy Jay (2nd @ $4.1 & 2nd @ $3.3), Petite Love (1st @ $2.7), Fiscal Fantasy (7th @ $4.1), Guiltless (3rd @ $3).


And here is the summary of this week's trials.


Trial 1: BALLTERRA settled four back on the inside and came out four horses wide before the home turn to win the trial drawing away, seemingly with something in hand. FINAL CATEGORY (Caribbean Blaster – The Third Category) began well enough to angle in behind the leader at the start and drove through along the sprint lane to finish second. AMERICAN SWEETHEART (American Ideal – Sweet Vicky) began quickly to lead and set up a slow tempo before being gunned down late. WICKED AZZ ended up being one out and one back from the 1100m and came out three horses wide approaching the home turn. He finished fourth in front of SHEZ ALL STYLE (Sunshine Beach – Best Of Wine (2.0.8, $29,805)), which settled three back on the markers. TROUBLESOME ART (Artistic Fella – Haytime) galloped away and lost 30m, moved up without cover from the 1100m and paced roughly again at the 500m. He was still competitive approaching the home turn and he is still learning.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.7             Final Half: - 61.8               Margins: - 5m, 3m

Trial 2: CARLA CLARE trailed the leader WINKANDITSOVER and was able to get up and win via the sprint lane. WINKANDITSOVER ensured it was a fast tempo in the final lap and went down fighting. HEREHECOMES settled last of the four and was dragged back by his stable mate SHE KEEPS COMING on the final corner. He accelerated nicely in the straight and picked up ground without being extended. SHE KEEPS COMING dropped out to be last of the four runners but she is a C3 assessed pacer and the other trio are in the C6/C7 class.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.5           Final Half: - 56.9               Margins: - 1m, 2m

Trial 3: STARLIGHT RED galloped at the start and shifted out, which hampered DURANTE (Majestic Son – Nirvana Caste) and ITS GAZADANGERWOOD (Bad Boy Truscott – Justcallmespeical (2.3.6, $18,075)) so BLACK CAT CLAW was able to lead very comfortably. The pace was slow early and DURANTE moved around BLACK CAT CLAW at the 1600m to find the lead. ITS GAZADANGERWOOD was third and STARLIGHT RED quickly tacked on to the group after his early error. STARLIGHT RED made a move in the back straight, which enticed BLACK CAT CLAW to angle away from the inside to get the better of DURANTE. BLACK CAT CLAW held off a game STARLIGHT RED with DURANTE in third position. ITS GAZADANGERWOOD broke stride when yielding ground with 500m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.7             Final Half: - 62.2               Margins: - Neck, 20m

Trial 4: It was a very slow start to the trial and COMMON PEOPLE (Mach Three – The Oval Office (1.59.9, $9,908)) was able to amble to the front. DON’T TELL ALICE was the only horse away from the markers and eased out to be last of the five runners. Once the field settled in single file, the order was COMMON PEOPLE from IM JOLLYGOOD (Mr Feelgood – Jolli Good Lombo 1.59.1, $35,880)), LOMBO PAPER TALK (Rock N Roll Heaven – Lombo Laser Flash), CHICKA CHICKA and DON’T TELL ALICE. DON’T TELL ALICE broke the formation at the 800m to race without cover again. COMMON PEOPLE had a good kick at the finish after setting a slow tempo and defeated IM JOLLYGOOD with DON’T TELL ALICE in third. CHICKA CHICKA got the better of LOMBO PAPER TALK to finish fourth.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.7             Final Half: - 59.2               Margins: - 6m, 5m

WARRAGUL 11/05/19

Trial 1: END GAME (Roll With Joe – Sunset Soky    1.58.1, $140,142)) led throughout to win the trial comfortably. LEOSABI got in behind END GAME shortly after the start and seemingly had his chance. Considering LEOSABI has already won a race this season, the effort of END GAME was very good. CASINO CAT settled three back on the markers and finished in third position. ALL OVER THE STARS made an early error and lost 15-20m before tacking on to be four back on the inside. SAUCEY LITTLE MEL (Modern Art – Saucey) raced without cover for the first lap before dropping out to last and was retired from the trial with a lap remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.7             Final Half: - 58.9               Margins: - 15m, 9m

Trial 2: MASTER SPARK (Majestic Son – Arcupandgo 2.4.9, $16,140)) showed good gate speed to lead and travelled keenly before galloping 400m after the start. He unfortunately galloped several more times in the trial and finished a distant last of the three runners. ENDSIN A DREAM was left in front when MASTER SPARK galloped and was untroubled in defeating the maiden 3yo pacer in VALONTE SWAN (Western Terror – Just Del), which trailed him throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.11.7           Final Half: - 66.8               Margins: - 15m, 60m

Trial 3: CELESTIAL TREKKER has always shown a great deal of promise and he impressed with an all of the way victory over the C8 assessed pacer PROFESSOR TOM. He went to the line with something in reserve where PROFESSOR TOM, which settled last of the four runners and came away from the markers with 700m remaining, was being reigned up in the run to the finish. CELESTIAL GOSSIP settled behind the leader and finished third while the maiden 3yo pacer PERSHING, a half brother to the first trial winner in End Game, wasn’t that far away and has shown enough ability at the trials to suggest he can improve on his race form.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.0             Final Half: - 58.7               Margins: - 1.5m, 2.5m

BLACKBOOKER: - Celestial Trekker


OUYEN 12/05/19

Trial 1: ELPINE SALLY (Auckland Reactor – Grace Anatomy) is out of a very good producing mare with five sub two minutes performers and she stems from the maternal family of the champion Queensland sire Fake Left. She won the trial over ARTOF MARTY and NO EMOTION (Grinfromeartoear – Sokysokylala 2.3.6, $1,859)) finished last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - Not Given    Final Half: - 61.0               Margins: - 10m, 15m

Trial 2: IAN RAYMOND has been a solid performer at Mildura and comfortably took out the trial from SAFARI ROSE and the C0 class mare SASSY INDIANA finished last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - Not Given    Final Half: - 60.0               Margins: - 5m, 5m

MOOROOPNA 12/05/19

Trial 1: BEE GEE CEE missed away at his debut at Yarra Valley but he took out the trial by a large margin. His stable mate BRAD CULLEN finished second ahead of RANCE (It’s a Long Story – Shes A Head Turner 2.7.0, $23,857)), which is the only foal sired by It’s A Long Story, an entire that was placed once in twenty-five starts. KALARNEY HEIDI was fourth with SERAFIMA (Changeover – Final Patrol 2.2.7, $5,862)) at the rear of the field.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.0             Final Half: - 60.2               Margins: - 50m, 1m


Trial 1: OUR SIR OLIVER is known as a strong front running pacer but he has performed well when coming from off the speed at his past two trial attempts. He settled three back on the markers and cut loose from the 800m when an impressive trial winner over the in-form pacer TOP THE ACE, which led and THERMAL REACTOR finished third after trailing OUR SIR OLIVER into the race in the final lap. THERMAL REACTOR did do a very good job considering he is a C1 assessed pacer. A KERRY MAN lost 15m in the back straight when inconvenienced by the tiring ESSBEE DOUBLEYOU, which trailed the leader.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.0           Final Half: - 56.5               Margins: - 10m, 1m

Trial 2: There were a few moves in this competitive trial, which was won by GHOSTLY SILENCE. He settled three back on the outside before being one out and one back then was without cover in the latter stages. TWO TELL struck bother at the 1800m and galloped, losing 15m. He then circled around the field to find the lead from the 1100m and boxed on well for second. IT’S A BORG wasn’t the fastest away but he was able to hold the advantage of the inside and lead early. He eventually took cover behind GOBSMACKED, which in turn gained a trail behind TWO TELL. IT’S A BORG did finished off reasonably well out wide on the track for third. BUSTERS GRIN began the quickest but was without cover early then angled onto the markers behind IT’S A BORG when the horse behind the leader CALDER ON ICE (Metropolitan – Like A Calder) dropped off by a few lengths at the 1400m. He was then shuffled back on the markers from the 1100m. He finished fourth from CALDER ON ICE and GOBSMACKED ended up finishing last of the six runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.8             Final Half: - 61.7               Margins: - Head, Neck

Trial 3: The field settled in single file with ARLINGTON OVER shooting to an early lead from JILLIBY BEACH GIRL, which raced keenly in second. FOURTH IN LINE (Grinfromeartoear – Doutzen (2.1.6, $16,638)) settled third in front of MAJOR MAYHEM, ITS ALL BUSINESS and WALMARA (Lis Mara – Petite Walton 1.59.1, $49,106)) dropped out to the rear. MAJOR MAYHEM was the first to break the formation with 500m remaining and ITS ALL BUSINESS quickly jumped onto his back. MAJOR MAYHEM hit the lead on the home turn but ITS ALL BUSINESS pounced and scored drawing away. WALMARA was running into third but lost that position when he momentarily broke stride and lost momentum at the 75m. FOURTH IN LINE ended up beating him home with the early leader ARLINGTON OVER in fifth and JILLIBY BEACH GIRL finished at the tail of the field.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.0             Final Half: - 60.4               Margins: - 6m, 10m

Trial 4: RADIUS continued his excellent trial form with a convincing victory over the early leader SIR KAPITAR and the open class trotter FRATELLINO, which was very good on the Country Cup circuit, finished in third position after settling last of the four runners. RADIUS settled in third but ended up being behind the leader when HARPOCRATES dropped off with a lap remaining. He completely dominated in the final 300m, winning the trial with something in reserve.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.4             Final Half: - 59.5               Margins: - 10m, 4m

Trial 5: The field settled in single file with AUCKLAND RED setting the speed from ERNIESON (Ernie Eldorado – Life Of Chiquita), SPRINGA and ROBS LEGACY (Artistic Fella – Sunrose Mary (1.58.1, $51, 673)) dropped out to be last of the four runners. AUCKLAND RED was racing greenly and having a good look at the track so ROBS LEGACY quickly circled around to find the lead in the back straight on the first occasion. SPRINGA was inconvenienced when ERNIESON started to yield ground at the 700m but he picked up when he came to the outside. He gave ROBS LEGACY around 25m start in the back straight but sustained a strong run and used the sprint lane to snare victory on the line. ROBS LEGACY finished second ahead of AUCKLAND RED with ERNIESON a distant fourth.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.2             Final Half: - 59.2               Margins: - Nose, 15m

Trial 6: SHAM ROCK (Pet Rock – Girls Got Rhythm 2.0.9, $34,313)) was able to work passed AMMICCHI to find the lead in what was a very slow start to the trial. He set up a slow tempo and held off the late closing MIRARI (We Will See – Golden Illusion), which charged home from three back on the markers. AMMICCHI finished third and STAR OF VOUVRAY, which galloped shortly after the start, was last of the four competitors.

Mile Rate: - 2.9.1             Final Half: - 61.2               Margins: - Head, 10m

Trial 7: ALDEBARAN PETE did a lot wrong but he still scored by 50m. He galloped and lost about 50m at the start, he pulled hard on the back of DREAM OVER through the middle stages and he sprinted brilliantly in the back straight to establish a big lead. He is still learning but he is very good when he puts it altogether. ANGUSTINE began quickly to lead and was about 15m clear early. He got tired late but he held down second with DREAM OVER being last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.7             Final Half: - 63.2               Margins: - 50m, 10m

Trial 8: The three trotters all stepped away safely from the standing start with SHIPS SUCCESS edging passed OUR YANKEE shortly after the tapes released. FREMARKSROOSTER began safely but he settled last. It was a very slow tempo mid-race and FREMARKSROOSTER whipped around to find the front at the 1200m. OUR YANKEE moved away from the markers at the 650m to try and challenge but he broke stride approaching the home turn. SHIPS SUCCESS angled out wide on the home turn and finished off with plenty of momentum. He grabbed FREMARKSROOSTER on the post with OUR YANKEE finishing last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.13.3           Final Half: - 65.0               Margins: - Head, 15m


Trial 1: - The nicely bred pacer MELPARK BUTCH is now being prepared by trainer Roly Wilson and he took out the only trial at Yarra Valley over the trotter AUSSIE BEACH BLOND. SHADY FORT HANOVER (Shadyshark Hanover – Up N Off) was ten metres away in third position from WUNDURRA and CHRISKEN COUNTRY. The trotter GET UP EARLY failed to finish.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.3             Final Half: - Not given     Margins – 1.5m, 10m

KYABRAM 12/05/19

Trial 1: - There were only three performers in a slowly run trial with the filly by Betterthancheddar, BRIE, a three times place getter, winning over SAFARI DUNBAR and AMERICAN SWEETHEART finished in third position.

Mile Rate: - 2.11.5           Final Half: - 64.6               Margins: - 1m, 1m

BENDIGO 13/05/19

Trial 1: - ANYWHERE HUGO stepped away nicely from his handicap and settled 20m behind the leader JAY BEE FLEX. He took his time to get closer to the leader and was able to sprint home too well in the run to the finish. ALEPPO MURPHY started from a big handicap (40m or 50m, the handicaps weren’t listed) and began slowly but safely. He had to swing wide to avoid the galloping TRUMPET LIL (Tennotrump – Ourlittlelil (2.3.7, $32,944)) on the first corner and lost more ground. Considering the last mile was recorded in 2.1.4, he ran some serious sectional times to get as close as he did.

Last Mile: - 2.1.4              Final Half: - Not listed     Margins: - Head, 20m

Trial 2: - OZZIE SUNSHINE put up a massive performance to win the trial. She missed the start by at least 50m (she wasn’t in the picture until the 1200m), tacked on mid-race and produced a big finish to win the trial comfortably. BARBADOS BABE (Caribbean Blaster – Tiseh Jo) began quickly and angled in behind the leader LITTLEBITOFMAGIC (Art Major – Rocknroll Magic 1.54.5, $466,183)) before coming to the outside approaching the home turn. She finished second with LITTLEBITOFMAGIC holding down third. LET’S MAKE TRACKS (Shadow Play – Classic Tycoon 1.57.6, $34,520)) settled five back on the markers and finished off nicely for fourth. MINIKA (Art Major – Awesome Powers) settled four back on the markers and finished fifth in front of FURIOSA (3 back markers, raced fiercely).

Last Mile: - 2.1.3              Final Half: - Not listed     Margins: - Not listed

BLACKBOOKER: - Ozzie Sunshine

Trial 3: - QUERENCIA (Andover Girl – Justa Phoenix (2.0.2, $18,413)) and SINGING THE GIRL were the two 3yo trotters taking on the juveniles and they finished first and second. QUERENCIA made a move from three back on the markers at the 600m and gunned down SINGING THE GIRL, which tried to lead throughout.  DARK CLOUD (Angus Hall – Cloud Chaser (2.1.5, $49,463)) did the best of the juvenile trotters by trailing the leader and finishing third. KYVALLEY SHAUNIE (Andover Hall – Gluteus Maximus (1.59.6, $104,855)) was better behaved than his trial the previous week but he settled off the pack in fourth and remained in that position. LOTTA FUSS (Majestic Son – Gladys Emanuel 2.3.9, $78,049)) galloped at the start and picked up ground on KYVALLEY SHAUNIE in the final lap. PINEVALE VICTORIA (Majestic Son – Running Pinevale 2.4.3, $100,618)) galloped shortly after the start and was tailed off throughout.

Mile Rate: - Not Listed    Final Half: - Not Listed    Margins: - Not listed

Trial 4: - ELEGANT JEWEL is a quality filly when she puts it altogether and she has been going nicely at the trials. She showed good gate speed to get passed STAR DREAM and run to the front shortly after the start. SPEEDY LEO settled three back on the inside but moved away from the markers at the bell and challenged ELEGANT JEWEL from the 800m. The Glenn Douglas trained pair had a good hit-out but ELEGANT JEWEL had something in hand, winning the trial from SPEEDY LEO, which was driven out to the line. The field split into two divisions mid-race with STAR DREAM keeping up with the leading pair until the 300m. DINO BELLINO (Pet Rock – The Perfect Mona (2.0.3, $4,620)) led the second division some 25m away from the first in front of ONE MORE NO MORE (Betterthancheddar – Bellakey), which raced on his outside. THREE SHADOWS (Shadow Play – Georgies Just Fine (2.3.8, $3,375)) was second last and HANCOCKS HERO settled at the rear of the field. HANCOCKS HERO was a long way behind the leaders of the first division and he sprinted home well to get into a distant third in front of STAR DREAM. There was a gap to THREE SHADOWS in fifth with ONE MORE NO MORE and DINO BELLINO finishing second last and last respectively.

Mile Rate: - Not Listed    Final Half: - Not Listed    Margins: - Not Listed

Trial 5: - ROSEHILL MAGIC is a T6 assessed trotter and was taking on mostly maidens so she was entitled to win the trial. She led throughout and was untroubled in the run to the finish. KYVALLEY FRANK was the only other horse competing in the trial that had won a race previously. He trailed the leader and finished second. AZTEC INTI settled three back on the markers and ended up in third position. DOWN UNDER LUCY kept the pattern going by racing four back on the markers and finishing fourth. HIDDEN FIRE and IMA ZIABEE missed the start and did plenty of chasing in the score up to be 30m away from the pack. HIDDEN FIRE tried to make a move from the bell and parked up without cover with IMA ZIABEE trying to follow but both horses tired late.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.1             Final Half: - Not Listed    Margins: - Not Listed

Trial 6: - TIZA NIGHTMARE led out then took cover behind MACHAVELLI before coming away from the inside and parking without cover from the bell. BOBBY ESS was three back on the markers before trailing the leader and OKANES DEVIL followed BOBBY ESS throughout. ARTMANIA was able to slot into the one out and one back trail from the bell and was followed up by CULLENS LEGEND. SHEZRIPPINNTEARIN settled second last and EUSTON FLYER galloped in the score up, missing the start by 40m. CULLENS LEGEND sprinted sharply from the 300m and burst to the lead with EUSTON FLYER producing another big trial effort to be in pursuit. CULLENS LEGEND defeated EUSTON FLYER with OKANES DEVIL using the sprint lane to run into third. BOBBY ESS finished fourth ahead of MACHAVELLI, TIZA NIGHTMARE, ARTMANIA and SHEZRIPPINNTEARIN ended up being the last of the eight runners.

Mile Rate: - Not Listed    Final Half: Not Listed       Margins: - Not Listed

Trial 7: - It was only a field of three horses contesting the last trial but SHAWAMI LASS was quite impressive. She spotted the leader OUR MASTER GEORGE, which has been in good form, 10m start at the 400m and picked him up effortlessly in the straight. PLAYING THE ACE trailed the leader throughout and finished in third position.

Last Mile: - 1.59.4            Final Half: - Not Listed    Margins: - Not Listed


Trial 1: - ROCK ON SHADOW settled three back on the markers and sprinted sharply from the 400m to find the lead before the home turn. He sustained the run to win comfortably. CHEDDAR ROAD settled four back on the markers and finished off well out deep on the track for second with BULLDOG MACRAY filling third position after trailing the leader. MUDDY WOBBLES eased at the start and was without cover until finding the markers behind CHEDDAR ROAD at the 1600m. He finished fourth with the early leader ALCATRAZ LASS finishing last of the five runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.9             Final Half: - 58.5               Margins: - 6.5m, 3m

Trial 2: - VAN SANK (Trixton – Countess Angela) began well to lead and continued to run along at a genuine tempo. He won the trial for 2yo trotters with ease. His margin over WILCANNIA (Andover Hall – Wheels To Go) kept extending throughout the trial and the official winning margin was 161m. WILCANNIA wasn’t asked to chase the tearaway leader and the only other horse in the trial VICTREE HILL (Trixton – Sweet Pretense) broke stride at the start thus losing all chance.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.6             Final Half: - 61.21             Margins: - 161m, 80m

Trial 3: - TEE CEE BEE MACRAY has looked sharp in several of his recent trial performances and he held off the challenge of the powerful sprinter MAGICAL MARN to win. He trailed the leader early then extricated away from the markers to park without cover. Considering MAGICAL MARN was on his back for the entire final half, it was a decent effort by TEE CEE BEE MACRAY to hold on. MATCH POINT led and finished third with BURNING CASH at the rear of the field.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.1             Final Half: - 55.86             Margins: - Head, 19m

Trial 4: - YMBRO WASTED began quickly but couldn’t head off TOTALLY SHATTERED at the start. He wanted to race keenly and eventually found the lead at the 1300m. He did get a little weary late but he held on to defeat LET’S GO LOHI, which left the markers in the back straight on the final occasion to race without cover, and TOTALLY SHATTERED finished third. SPUNKY THOUGHTZ (Four Starzzz Shark – Spare The Thought (1.58.0, $87,908)) settled last of the five and was the last one to finish. TOSELLI (Art Major – Forest Glory (2.2.5, $46,406)) was four back on the markers but started pacing very awkwardly at the 600m and was retired from the trial.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.1             Final Half: - 61.53             Margins: - Head, 3m

Trial 5: - CHEVALS RACER showed good gate speed to lead and set up a moderate tempo. He took cover when challenged by COCO LOMBO, which popped off his back at the 700m, then came again in the straight to win. JILLIBY BABAVSKA was an eye-catching run. He settled in fifth position and motored to the line when he manoeuvred to the outside in the straight. The times weren’t brilliant but his run suggests he is set for a good campaign. GAP YEAR finished third after settling three back on the markers and COCO LOMBO just peaked on her run in the final 50m. MALABAR SPUR finished fifth but wasn’t far away and HES THE MIGHTYSPIN (Majestic Son – Sunelle (2.6.2, $12,356)) galloped early, losing 20m and held his own after that point.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.3             Final Half: - 60.52             Margins: 4m, 1/2 Neck

BLACKBOOKER: - Jilliby Babavska

Trial 6: - YOURSHOUTROCKY has performed well in two starts for the season and put in a tidy effort to defeat DASHA THE GREAT. He settled three back on the markers, came away from the inside at the 700m and sprinted sharply in the latter stages. DASHA THE GREAT began reasonably well then shot forward from the 1400m to get to a clear lead. He rolled along at a nice tempo but had no answer for YOURSHOUTROCKY late. LA SPIRITOZA (Bettors Delight – Sterita (1.55.9, $145,241)) finished third after being four back on the markers throughout. THE CHANCER (Bettors Delight – Fairest One You are (1.57.4, $61,259)) came from last and picked up good ground in the final 300m. MEA CULPA (Art Major – Anna’s Innocent (1.57.2, $14,298)), whose granddam is the great mare Innocent Eyes, was second last throughout and BRONSKI MOMENT (Major Bronski – Mystical Rainbow) finished at the tail of the field after leading out then taking cover.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.5           Final Half: - 57.38             Margins: 11.5m, 13.5m

Trial 7: - AHA REACTION has had an extensive trial campaign and has been very impressive. He raced without cover in the early stages before working to the front at the 1100m, winning the trial under a strong hold and in good time. WESTERN DEBT led out then took cover behind AHA REACTION and tried hard for second. KEAYANG SHEKITOUT raced midfield on the outside then gained a one out and one back trail at the 1100m and finished off well for third. BULLYS DELIGHT was an eye-catching fourth after settling four back on the markers and manoeuvring into the one wide line at the bell. SON OF MAJOR (3 back markers) finished fifth in front of OFF THE RADAR (without cover from bell), RIVER PATROL (4 back markers) and INTO YOU was last throughout.

Mile Rate: - 1.58.7           Final Half: - 57.30             Margins: - 3m, 1/2head

Trial 8: - DENEUVE STAR ran to the front shortly after the start and was untroubled in winning the trial comfortably. MATADEROS possesses immense potential but unfortunately his manners constantly let him down. He galloped and lost conservatively 50m at the start before flying home to finish second. ALLANON trailed the leader and moved away from the markers to race without cover at the 900m. He tired late but finished a distant third in front of ILLAWONG LUNA (3 back markers) and DREAM OVER (4 back markers).

Mile Rate: - 2.4.0             Final Half: - 58.67             Margins: - 16m, 24m

Trial 9: - THE LONE DANCER raced without cover for the majority of the trial and he drew to the front on the home turn. THE REAL AFFAIR was nicely driven from three back on the markers to gain a run in the middle and finished off well but couldn’t pick up THE LONE DANCER late. LOUNGE ART was allowed to drift back from his good draw and ended up being four back on the markers. He was the widest runner turning for home and finished off strongly for third. The open class trotter ILLAWONG ARMSTRONG was three back on the markers early before moving around to find the lead at the 1300m. He finished fourth in front of GOODTIME BOBBY (last outside), BLUE CHIPPED (led then took cover) and SUMO GRIN dropped out to last after receiving the one out and one back trail for the majority of the trial.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.7             Final Half: - 58.72             Margins: - 1.5m, 7.5m

Trial 10: - MANGANELLO began quickly to find the lead and raced keenly throughout. He set up a genuine tempo and looked impressive in the run to the finish. GOODTIME HEAVEN settled four back on the markers and was the first horse to give chase after MANGANELLO in the final circuit. He also performed nicely to finish second with SEIZE POWER, which settled three back on the markers, in third position. SMART LITTLE SHARD began quickly and took cover behind his stable mate MANGANELLO but dropped off a shade in the final 100m. CAITLYN CLARKE was last throughout in what was a strong trial field.

Mile Rate: - 1.58.2           Final Half: - 56.02             Margins: - 4.5m, 3m

Trial 11: - IMSETTOGO has been racing in good form with a recent win in the Starlet Trot and a fourth in the Shepparton Oaks Trial. She won the trial from ORLANDO STORM, which also finished behind her in both of those feature events. LEANNE LEEANN (Danny Bouchea – Possum Point (2.7.0, $24,060)) finished a distant third ahead of QUEEN OF EURASIA (Bacardi Lindy – Maori Missile 2.4.6, $1,203)) and ORLANDOS GIFT (Orlando Vici – Calder Luck) finished last of the five runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.5             Final Half: - 57.89             Margins: - 11.5m, 51m

Trial 12: - LEFT RIGHT ANDCENTRE stepped away safely and pushed to the lead shortly after the start. He accelerated from the bell and drew clear for an easy win. ROSANNA LINDY was the slowest away from the standing start and settled last of the four runners. She motored to the line and got up to defeat ARMCHAIR DRIVE, which trailed the leader, for second on the post. BACARDI CARTA settled three back on the inside and finished last of the four.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.2             Final Half: - 60.86             Margins: - 10.5m, Nose



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