El Boston and Oneoutofthesquare have earned themselves a place in the trials black book via eye-catching runs, while Galactic Gal, Longwindingroad and Western Sonador have all been trimmed.

Enjoy the extensive trials breakdown with the latest Blackbook listed horses at the bottom.

WARRAGUL 02/11/19

Trial 1: - TANABI FALCON was able to find the lead comfortably from ITZ LONGTALL SALLY with CORA MOR (Julius Caesar – Full Of Aces 1.57.1, $20,181) galloping shortly after the start and losing her chance. TANABI FALCON set up a slow speed and was able to win in the final dash up the straight with ITZ LONGTALL SALLY picking up a metre or two in the final 100m.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.5            Final Half: - 60.13               Margins: 2m, 45m

Trial 2: - This trial was run in heavy rain and BUNDISGOOD was able to lead throughout after stepping away best from the standing start. He wasn’t fully extended to the line but neither was the second horse SOVEREIGN MINX, which trailed him throughout. CHAMPAGNE RIVER settled last of the three runners and tried to come to the outside approaching the final corner but couldn’t make an impression on the leading pair.

Mile Rate: - 2.12.0          Final Half: - 61.56               Margins: - 6m, 15m

MILDURA 03/11/19

Trial 1: - WATCHMEDANCE is still learning and did things wrong when on debut but she does have some ability. She speared to the lead at the start and was always in control of the trial. She did race greenly with 750m remaining but she ran away from her rivals to win by a big margin. ZIVA (Shadow Play – I’m Living The Dream 1.57.4, $103,431) came from last (4 back the markers) and was able to grab second late from ROJENBYE (Shadow Play – Imachicitoo 2.4.0, $11,544), which settled down in third. RAINBEACHGIRL dropped back to the tail of the field after trailing the leader throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.3            Final Half: - Not Given               Margins: - 27m, 1/2m

Trial 2: - GOLDEN SCRIBE trailed the leader RAINBOW RACER until the 300m mark where he came to the outside. He was able to grind out a victory on the line although RAINBOW RACER did appear to have something in reserve. SHADYS PURSUIT settled last of the four and was the widest runner turning for home. He worked home reasonably well and DISTINCTION, which settled three back on the markers, ran into a dead end over the concluding stages.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.8            Final Half: - 59.9               Margins: - Head, 2m

Trial 3: - BEST OF BEAUTY was clearly the class runner of the trial and led throughout to win comfortably. USAGE trailed the leader throughout and held down second in front of SAINT HOUDINI (Shadow Play – Saint Babe 1.58.1, $38,206), which missed the start by approximately 10m and came to the outside in the last quarter to try and make some ground

Mile Rate: - Not Given   Final Half: - Not Given               Margins: - 12m, 1/2 neck (approximately)

Trial 4: - PENNY SNATCHER completely dominated the last trial on the program. She showed her usual early dash to find the lead then proceeded in running along at a genuine tempo. MODERN TORQUE trailed PENNY SNATCHER all of the way but lost ground in the final circuit. She held down second in front of DASHING JULIUS, which settled three back on the markers. VIEIRA settled last and tried to get around DASHING JULIUS coming up to the bell but his forward move was short lived and he ended up finishing last of the four runners.

Mile Rate: - 1.58.3          Final Half: - 60.1               Margins: - 45,2m

MELTON 04/11/19

Trial 1: - FRIENDS was quite content to take the trail from the pole position and was able to accelerate via the sprint lane to win the trial by a narrow margin. JOE NIEN settled five back on the markers and made his move at the 500m mark. He picked up steady ground and missed out narrowly on the line. THE LOUSTAR settled three back on the markers and came to the outside with 300m remaining. He loomed up to hit the lead in the straight but was collared late in a good finish. ROCKNROLL TURBO trailed forward behind JOE NIEN and was doing his best work at the end. He was a close up fourth ahead of the early leader AHA REACTION. LITTLE PEANUT finished last but as was the case a week earlier, he went to the line bolting with no clear run.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.1            Final Half: - 57.36               Margins: - Head, Neck

Trial 2: - RADICAL MAJOR settled three back on the markers and was saved up for one last dash at the leaders. He sprinted sharply out wide on the track and got up to defeat WYATTFLYNN (Pet Rock – Shes Got It All 1.58.6, $13,841). WYATTFLYNN showed brilliant early pace and tried to get away in the back straight but lugged out under pressure over the final stages and had to be content with second placing. ROGERVALERIO LOMBO (Rocknroll Heaven – As I See It Lombo 2.1.6, $4,418) settled four back on the markers and moved to the one out and one back trail when MISTER GLEE came from behind him to face the breeze. He then made a dash out three horses wide to get to second before the home turn and peaked late for third. MISTER GLEE was fourth and LA PUDDIE (Somebeachsomewhere – La Machane 1.54.6, $335,268) finished a distant fifth.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.4            Final Half: - 59.54               Margins: - 1.5m, 5m

Trial 3: - EL BOSTON trailed the leader DAWNS PEACH in the early stages before moving into the death seat just after the bell. He applied pressure a long way from home and got the better of DAWNS PEACH coming out of the back straight. He was able to sustain the run to win the trial impressively. MISS HARTLEY settled five back on the markers before moving into the one wide line (1-2) with a half mile remaining. She couldn’t get a good trail into the race and she did well to make up ground late for second. SPRINGFIELD DESIRE used inside runs from last to run into third passed the tiring leader DAWNS PEACH. OUR SAFARI SUN settled four back on the markers and beat the trotter ENROLLED (3 back markers, 1-1) to the line.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.8            Final Half: - 56.90               Margins: - 14.5m, 8m


Trial 4: - SNEAKIN AROUND wasn’t on his best behaviour at the start but he ended up settling three back on the markers and was behind the leader from the bell when SAINT CALDER wanted to lay into the sprint lane and pull up. He came to the outside of the leader BOISSY SAINT LEGER (Repeat Love – Another Starlet) turning for home and sprinted home too well. MATADEROS followed SNEAKIN AROUND for the majority of the trial and gained a run through the middle late. He hit the line strongly and wasn’t fully extended. BOISSY SAINT LEGER dropped back to third and COMANDANTE, which galloped early, made up plenty of ground then galloped again on the home turn, finished fourth. SAINT CALDER (Muscle Hill – Like A Calder) failed to complete the course.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.3            Final Half: - 63.98               Margins: - 1.5m, 20m

Trial 5: - The four runners came out in an even line but ELITA was the horse to push forward and find the front from MISS TWINKLE (Major Bronski – Twinkletoes 1.57.3, $157,635) with KAHLIADENISE LOMBO (Bettors Delight – Miss Trickin Lombo 1.53.3, $230,312) in third and ORAMA (Somebeachsomewhere – Secret Desire 1.59.5, $88,700) in fourth. KAHLIADENISE LOMBO pulled to the outside to give chase just before the home turn but ELITA proved to be too strong at the finish. ORAMA was making ground out wide on the track in third and was never extended at any stage. MISS TWINKLE dropped out in the straight and saw the field safely home.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.2            Final Half: - 59.88               Margins: - Neck, 2.5m

Trial 6: - FIELDS OF KYVALLEY settled down in last position but he trailed into the race behind SHADOW JUSTICE, which made a move from second last at the 600m mark. He then peeled to the outside in the home straight and was able to get passed SHADOW JUSTICE in the run to the finish. WILLIAMS FLING (Fling It – Party Lights 2.3.9, $22,414) settled three back on the markers and moved onto the back of the leader at the bell when FLING IT RAINBOW (Fling It – Rainbow Reflection) couldn’t keep up. He used the sprint lane in the straight to finish third. TZU NIEN was three back on the markers early before circling into the lead in the back straight on the first occasion. He ran along at an even tempo and ended up tiring into fourth. FLING IT RAINBOW dropped out to finish at the tail of the field.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.9            Final Half: - 61.0               Margins: - 3.5m, 7m

Trial 7: - SUN PEAKS dashed to the front in the early stages and never looked in any danger of defeat. He zipped clear on the home turn and established a large winning margin. ATEGO SHADES was three back on the markers for the majority of the trial and got up to finish second in front of MY COUSIN LENNY, which trailed the leader. NICE ONE BERT tried to make a run from last at the bell but couldn’t get close to the leaders and tired late. TREMBITA dropped right out in the final 500m after racing four back on the markers throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.0            Final Half: - 59.19               Margins: - 40.5m, 7.5m

Trial 8: - SAY YOUR PRES started from the handicap of 30m, pushed around to find the front at the 1600m mark and was impressive at the trials again. He forged away in the straight to win by a large margin and was never extended. AVIMORE finished second after he trailed SAY YOUR PRES from the mile marker. HES THE MIGHTYSPIN jumped to the front but he galloped when overtaken by SAY YOU PRES and was tailed off for the remainder of the trial.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.9            Final Half: - 60.92               Margins: - 48m, 121m

BENDIGO 04/11/19

Trial 1: - NEPHEW OF SONOKO was clearly the class runner of the trial and he did everything right to land victory. He began well out wide on the track then angled onto the markers to be three back. He came to the outside approaching the home turn and jogged to the line to win comfortably. ONEOUTOFTHESQUARE (Crazed – My Missindependent 2.2.8, $266,662) did enough to kick through and lead into the first turn and battled on strongly in the straight. He was no match for NEPHEW OF SONOKO but that trotter is a multiple winner and ONEOUTOFTHESQUARE is yet to make his debut. IMA ZIABEE dropped out to be five back on the markers and last of the main division. She was able to work into third position late in front of GRAEMES WISH, which settled three back on the markers. JEDSTAR (Imperial Count – Tangalan Jack 2.5.6, $43,090) trailed the leader and finished fifth ahead of MAJESTIC SPEED, which made up a lot of ground after galloping at the start. LEOTARDANDLACE (Down Under Muscles – Estee Poppy) galloped early in the trial and was tailed off throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.1            Final Half: - 59.6               Margins: - 4m, 6m

BLACKBOOKER: - Oneoutofthesquare

Trial 2: - DAYLIGHT AT DAWN trailed the leader TRADE WHISPERS and was able to outgun that horse in the straight to score by a metre. Both horses have been trialling well at Bendigo recently. GRACIES SHADOW settled four back on the markers and came to the outside with 300m remaining. She finished third just ahead of EMIIJAY, which settled five back on the inside and used the sprint lane. ONECROWDEDHOUR (Western Terror – Kayceem Grand 2.3.3, $11,493) finished fifth after being three back on the markers throughout. ART FINEST settled in second last position before moving away from the markers at the 600m mark. HEZA BERGSTEIN followed ART FINEST throughout but neither runner progressed forward in the final 400m.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.2            Final Half: - 59.0               Margins: - 1m, 3m

Trial 3: - MARVELLOUS MAX was last for most of the first lap before making a move into the breeze at the bell. He chased after the tearaway leader SUN OF SONOKO and was able move onto the markers behind him for a breather in the final 500m. He was then able to sneak along the sprint lane to get up on the line. SUN OF SONOKO was restrained early but zoomed around the field 300m after the start to find the front. He set up a genuine tempo and was collared on the line. WELL DEFINED led out then took a trail behind SUN OF SONOKO. He ended up being three back on the markers when MARVELLOUS MAX got in front of him and he battled on quite well at the finish. JAY BEE FLEX followed WELL DEFINED throughout and finished fourth in front of SPIDERS DEVIL.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.6            Final Half: - 60.7               Margins: - Head, 7m

Trial 4: - RIVER BOSS (Mach Three – Live To Fly 1.57.6, $77,461) was able to lead comfortably and dashed well clear approaching the home corner. He was allowed to coast down to the line and won easily. ILLAWONG GALLANT came from three back on the markers to move into second position and ILLAWONG JOVIAL was third after following ILLAWONG GALLANT throughout. THREE SHADOWS trailed the leader but began to yield ground with 300m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.4            Final Half: - 58.3               Margins: - 8m, 4m

Trial 5: - SIXTY settled last of the four runners but was good enough to come to the outside and run over the top of his rivals late. Considering the final quarter was run in 28.2 seconds, it was a handy performance. JAYEDGAR trailed the leader ZAZU throughout and got up to nab second on the line. VALENTINA BRAVE was a close up fourth after being three back on the inside throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.1            Final Half: - 56.1               Margins: - Head, Head

Trial 6: - TOTALLY SHATTERED trailed the leader SANDOVAL and sprinted home too well in the run to the finish to win clearly. OLLIE AND BROCK settled three back on the markers before moving up without cover at the quarter pole. He got up to finish second ahead of SANDOVAL. A GOOD RED trailed up behind BEGOODORBEGOODATIT and was able to circle around that pacer in the latter stages to finish fourth.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.5            Final Half: - 58.4               Margins: - 4m, 4m


Trial 1: - Trainer Peter Romero was able to prepare the Quinella in the only trial at Wangaratta. SAVING MAJOR PERCY was in good form at the end of his last preparation with two wins and four seconds from six past six attempts. He hasn’t started since February but he defeated ARDEN UP with JIMMYLESURF filling third position. MISS CRACKER (Cracker Black – Cosmic Major) finished fourth in front of SAMMARI and GET ME OUTTA HERE.

Mile Rate: - Not Given   Final Half: - Not Given               Margins: - Not Given

TERANG 04/11/19

Trial 1: - ALDEBARAN KNOX (Muscle Hill – Kyvalley Aldebaran) won the opening trial for trainer Matthew Craven. The final quarter was slow but he scored by a comfortable margin over DEFENCE POWER, which hasn’t started for over a year. DIAMOND WES filled third position ahead of BOLD HUSSY and DEFENCE GOT JUMPED finished last of the five runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.6            Final Half: - 63.8               Margins: - 5.5m, 7m

Trial 2: - With no Maryborough trials run on the weekend, trainer David Murphy travelled to Terang and prepared the Quinella in the final trial. HARPER LEE, which has been trialling nicely, blitzed her rivals to win in an event that was run at a genuine tempo. Stable mate MISSBLISSFULLBEACH (Blissfull Hall – Oursandybeach 1.59.6, $102,719) ran a distant second but beat the remainder of the field by a good margin. FREDDYNURK (Mr Feelgood – Josies A Delight) was third in front of GOLDEN CULLEN, FOR TONY and FIRE OFFICIAL. KARIAH BLISS (Artesian – Kariah Bella) finished last of the seven runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.5            Final Half: - 62.1               Margins: - 43m, 32m

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