The Victoria Licensing Policy was approved by the HRV Board on 1 July and was endorsed by the Victorian Racing Integrity Board (VRIB).

The policy has been recently updated and significantly enhanced and strengthened regarding former licensed persons seeking to re-enter harness racing industry in Victoria after periods of disqualification.

Licensed persons who have been disqualified and seeking to return to the Industry will now have to show cause as to why he or she should be granted a new licence, especially in circumstances where the applicant has previously been disqualified for the following:

(i) on one occasion for a period of seven years or more;

(ii) on two occasions, each for a period of 12 months or more; or

(iii) on three or more occasions (each for any period of time);

The applicant must produce evidence which is sufficient to satisfy the HRV Show Cause Sub-committee (SCSC) that the applicant's circumstances and/or character has significantly changed since the conduct underlying their disqualification(s).

Harness Racing Victoria General Manager of Integrity Brent Fisher said they really wanted "to safeguard our industry for the future".

"The updated Licensing Policy is a step in the right direction and ensures that only persons who suit our criteria will become licensed and become involved in our industry," Mr Fisher said.

"The majority of the harness racing industry abides by the rules, however the message is crystal clear to those who do seek to engage in conduct which may jeopardise their licences: just stop and think for a minute and really self-reflect on what they will be doing without harness racing in their future."

The Licensing Policy can be found by clicking here