How to Search

Each video in the TrotsVision library has rich data associated with it to allow for videos to be searched.

The general search allows users to search for a favourite race, trainer, driver or horse.

For example, to search for all videos for Lennytheshark, you would type "Lennytheshark"

For horse names containing multiple words the same functionality applies. For example to find Ride High videos type in "Ride High" 

Use the same format for trainers and drivers. For example "Kate Gath" to search for videos containing driver Kate Gath. 

To find Videos from a specific date, that is a bit different. Use quotes around the date. For example "01/01/2021"

If you are looking for something a bit more specific, there are other ways to search which will drill-down into the data on each video.

Items that can be searched, for example, include: 

  • Club
  • Track
  • Trainers (any finishing order i.e. Winner trainer is searched by trainer_1)
  • Drivers (any finishing order i.e. Third position driver is searched by driver_3)
  • Horse (any finishing order i.e. Second position horse is searched by horse_2)
  • Sire, Dam, Broodmare Sire (using the same criteria as Driver, Trainer and Horse)

For example if you are looking for all wins by Ladies In Red, you can type the following: horse_1:"Ladies In Red"

We will be adding more videos, and more searchable criteria in the coming weeks and months, so enjoy the new TrotsVision on-demand platform and keep checking back for new content!