The trots were the talk of the town across Melbourne this morning with reinswoman Kima Frenning joining RSN 927's breakfast crew and Danny Frawley spruiking the Stable Of Stars with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson on SEN 116.

Frenning joined the RSN Breakfast Club to forecast her huge Saturday night in the Pryde's EasiFeed Victoria Cup with hosts Adam White, Scott Gullan and Adam Ramanauskas.

"It's unreal," Frenning said. "I didn't dream about this when I first come over - to be driving, nevermind in these big races."

For David Aiken's camp Frenning will pilot Wrappers Delight in Saturday night's debut Grand Circuit race of season 2018-19, making the difficult decision to jump out of Im The Boss's sulky fresh off her Jet Roofing Kilmore Pacing Cup win.

"(Im The Boss) has done so much for me, I've got nothing but love for that horse, but you've got to pick one. We had a conversation, the owners and (David Aiken) the trainer and this is what we come up with. Wrappers Delight is the up and comer and he's probably got more seasons left in him than Im The Boss."


Meanwhile, radio channels dialled into SEN 1116AM would have heard Danny Frawley chatting with Garry Lyon and Tim Watson after Frawley and Lyon were among a group of visitors to Emma Stewart's Ballarat farm yesterday.

The stable visit, which was also taken by Lyon's dad Peter and AFLW star Tayla Harris, was part of the Stable Of Stars, which it was announced in the Herald Sun today has taken a share in Pryde's EasiFeed Victoria Cup contender Shadow Sax.

"We are very exicted about Shadow Sax who we went to see yesterday at the Emma Stewart stables," Lyon said. "Unbelievable set-up, there are horses everywhere, people everywhere."

Frawley said Shadow Sax was well placed for an instant splash for the Stable Of Stars, whose members will donate their percentage of the prize money to their chosen charities, in the Victoria Cup.

"I reckon we are a great chance Gaz," Frawley said. "We had a bit of a blow out last Saturday night and flew home and ran second, and worked the house down yesterday."