Craig Rail has found five new horses to follow in this edition of the Trial File. 

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Shepparton 05/09/19

Trial 1: - THATSMEINTHECORNER trailed the leader NICE ONE BERT and quickly pounced with 600m remaining. He broke up the field quickly and sustained the run to win nicely. HEZA BRAXTON settled three back on the markers and chased hard in the final stages for a handy second. IDA THOUGHTSO ended up settling in second last position and finished off strongly for an eye-catching third. SKY CHICKA (Elsu – Chicka Chicka 1.59.1, $22,017) settled last and worked into a distant fourth. SWEDISH MISS was able to slot onto the markers to be fourth and appeared to be allowed to do her own thing in the trial and wasn’t overly extended. NICE ONE BERT tired after setting the speed but he was very sharp at the start to lead comfortably.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.1             Final Half: - 58.4               Margins: - 8m, 4m

Trial 2: - ITSARAPT stepped away nicely and angled in to trail the leader. He came to the outside in the home straight and got home best without being pushed. KEPT MY WORD stepped away nicely and set up a slow tempo. She held down second in front of the fast finishing ANTIOPE, which came from four back on the markers after galloping momentarily at the start. HIGHLAND HILL settled three back on the markers and ended up in fourth without being fully extended. ANTIGONUS (Yankee Spider – Golden Antigone) stepped away okay but broke stride just after the start and lost approximately 100m. He was able to tack onto the group with the very slow mid-race tempo but dropped off when the sprint went on approaching the home turn.

Mile Rate: - 2.15.3           Final Half: - 61.4               Margins: - Neck, 1m

Trial 3: - WILLEM has been impressive at the trials and continued with an easy all of the way victory. He ran along at a good tempo before cutting loose in the final half. OUR SUMMER BAY finished a distant second after trailing the leader throughout. Last of the three horses was LADY FLORA, which was allowed to drift back approximately 30m early before catching up to OUR SUMMER BAY and dropping off again late.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.2           Final Half: - 56.6               Margins: - 25m, 15m

Yarra Valley 08/09/19

Trial 1: - OHOKA DIESEL hasn’t started since having two runs in July and he defeated three trotters in the only trial on the card. The Peter Goudie trained pair GOODTIME PE RABBIT and GHENT finished second and third with MAITRIX, which hasn’t started for almost a year, coming in last of the four runners.

Mile Rate: - Not Given    Final Half: - 62.3               Margins: - 10m, 20m


Trial 1: - IMA SHOWGIRL was clearly the class runner of the trial and she won comfortably as expected. She settled three back on the inside and moved into the death seat at the 650m mark before drawing away at the finish. DEALERS KNOCK performed nicely. He trotted to the lead quickly and was racing keenly throughout. He tried to keep out IMA SHOWGIRL around the final corner and only got tired in the final 100m. DOWNUNDER BARKERS galloped in the score up and missed the start by 20m. She finished third in front of A TOUCH OF ARMBRO, which trailed the leader throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.1             Final Half: - 59.3               Margins: - 15m, 2m

Trial 2: - COMMON COURTESY is showing plenty of promise and completely dominated her rivals with a bold front running display. She won by an increasing margin of 40m with the final quarter being 27.9 seconds so she appears to be primed for a big effort at Kilmore tonight. MASAKE trailed the leader and finished second with SHADY HANOVER in third after being three back on the markers throughout. THE GREEN FAIRY was slowly away and settled down last behind WHIRILY ROLLS (Roll With Joe – Formalize), which started about 15m behind the gate. That pair were never in contention with THE GREEN FAIRY finishing fourth but a huge distance from the winner.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.58           Final Half: - 58.4               Margins: - 40m, 4m

BLACKBOOKER: - Common Courtesy

Trial 3: - SHELDON (Maffioso – For Sevens Sake 2.0.2, $10,163) raced without cover before finding the lead with a mile remaining. He set up a slow speed and kicked well clear on the home turn. The field were closing in late but he still won by a comfortable margin. JITTABUG was left stranded without cover and was the only horse away from the markers for the majority of the trial. He kicked on well for second in front of BLISSFULL PENNY, which finished reasonably well from three back on the markers. The early leader ORPHAN CODY (Grinfromeartoear – Can Y Gwent 1.59.8, $21,055) took cover in the back straight on the first occasion and dropped back to fourth late with MISSBLISSFULLBEACH (Blissfull Hall – Oursandybeach 1.59.6, $102,719) being last throughout and breaking stride with 350m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.4             Final Half: - 60.7               Margins: - 5m,3m

Trial 4: - ALEPPO MURPHY started from the handicap of 50m but was quick to tack onto the leading division with KYVALLEY FRANK setting up a very slow tempo. He trailed into the race behind the pacer TA FAILTE ROTE, which moved into the death seat from fourth at the 600m mark, then he produced a powerful finish to get up on the line. TA FAILTE ROTE finished second with KYVALLEY FRANK a close up third. IONA SPIDER settled three back on the markers and beat home CHARLIE WALKER (Louey Louey Louey – Telern Tilly 2.6.3, $40,791), which jumped to the front but was looking around everywhere and had no idea what to do until KYVALLEY FRANK pushed passed him to find the lead.

Mile Rate: - 2.14.4           Final Half: - 59.4               Margins: - Neck, Head

Bendigo 08/09/19

Trial 1: - ALDEBARAN PETE galloped at the start and dropped out to the tail of the field but he certainly made it an interesting trial. He came to the outside and zoomed to the lead in the back straight then ran along at a very genuine tempo for the remainder of the trial. JAY PE DE settled in fifth position before coming to the outside at the 700m. He was giving ALDEBARAN PETE a big start but he made up ground quickly and sustained the run to win well. HIGHWAY HUNTSMAN settled four back on the markers and tried to follow up behind JAY PE DE in the final circuit. He was no match for the winner but was able to work into second position. NORQUAY led out then took cover and was able to pick up third. ALDEBARAN PETE tired into fourth but he did do plenty of work in the run. FETCH IT finished fifth from three back on the markers and JEDSTAR (Imperial Count – Tangalan Jack 2.5.6, $43,090) was at the tail for the majority of the journey.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.1             Final Half: - 60.7               Margins: - 8m, 4m

Trial 2: - TRADE WHISPERS trailed the leader COSTLY MISTAKE (McCardle – Costly Bonus 2.3.8, $4,450) and came to the outside on the home turn. It was obvious as soon as he peeled to the outside that he had them covered and he was able to draw away to score comfortably. COSTLY MISTAKE finished second and was nicely clear of MISS HULLABALOO, which came from last of the four to pick up WHERES WOOD WOOD (Mach Three – Vertigal 1.55.8, $317,380) (3 back markers).

Mile Rate: - 2.4.5             Final Half: - 58.9               Margins: - 5m, 9m

Trial 3: - CLARKES HILL pushed forward from barrier two to find the lead and set up a slow tempo. GRAEMES WISH (Pegasus Spur – Manuka Miss) trailed the leader throughout and came to the outside on the home turn. He picked up good ground in the final 30m and just failed but the winner did have something left at the end. DELS DESTINY (Pegasus Spur – Sueno) restrained to be last of the three and came to the outside on the home turn. He wasn’t pushed over the concluding stages but he was losing ground at quite a rapid rate in the final 50m.

Mile Rate: - 2.14.2           Final Half: - 68.0               Margins: - Head, 14m

Trial 4: - MAGICOOL settled five back on the markers and was still a fair way from the leaders on the home turn. He came from seemingly an impossible position to charge through the middle and record a narrow but decisive victory. OLLIE AND BROCK set the tempo and was in front everywhere bar the winning post. SHECANDOIT raced a little fiercely behind the leader and came to the outside at the 500m mark. After racing keenly, she just didn’t finish the trial off as expected but was a narrow third. SEASONG (Auckland Reactor – Bella Paloma 2.0.6, $42,995) settled four back on the markers and was the first to make a move in the back straight on the final occasion. She then gained cover behind SHECANDOIT and wasn’t far away in fourth. DYNAMITE DOZER settled in last position and beat WENTHESTARZZZALINE (3 back markers) to the post.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.7           Final Half: - 59.0               Margins: - Head, Head

Trial 5: - REPEAT AFTER ME led and zipped along throughout the entire trial. The Bendigo circuit is lightning fast at present but a last mile of 1.52.7 and a final half of 54.9 seconds over the 2150m journey is an extraordinary run on any surface. BONUS PLAY settled last of the three runners and to get within five metres of the leader, his own sectional times must have been outstanding. WEEKS END finished last of the three after trailing the leader but it is fair to say she met a classy field and given the time recorded, her effort was sound.

Mile Rate: - 1.54.3           Final Half: - 54.9               Margins: - 5m, 8m

Mildura 08/09/19

Trial 1: - SPRINGFIELD SHADOW trailed the leader and moved to the outside with 600m remaining. He gradually wore down the leader SHE SAID YES and got up to win by approximately one metre. MISTER JIMARINGLE settled three back on the markers and finished third but he was picking up ground late and he seemingly had plenty in reserve. MALLEE JET (Dawn ofa New Day – Forget The Frills 2.3.8, $6,060) started approximately 20m behind the mobile and was slow to begin. He tacked on to the main group mid-race but yielded ground over the final 600m.

Mile Rate: - Not given    Final Half: - Not given     Margins: - 1m, 2m (approximately)

Trial 2: - BEST OF BEAUTY utilized his early pace to find the lead comfortably and was unchallenged. He started to draw clear in the back straight on the final occasion and scored by a large margin. MARKLEIGH JILL was restrained to last and lost ground when PEREGRINEINFLIGHT (Grinfromeartoear – Peregrine 2.2.9, $3,350) was struggling in front of her in the early stages. She circled around PEREGRINEINFLIGHT to race three back on the markers and she had enough speed to work into second over the latter stages. CAULONIA ARTY trailed the leader and battled into third. PEREGRINEINFLIGHT continued to lose ground from release point and finished a distant last.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.1             Final Half: - 60.5               Margins: - 30m, 2m

Warragul 08/09/19

Trial 1: - CELESTIAL GOSSIP worked to the lead shortly after the start and was always in control. He was driven out to the line and was able to establish a comfortable winning margin. KATACHA MAN (Bettors Delight – Breeze On Bronski 1.56.8, $47,397) led out then took cover and battled on reasonably well for second. The trotter ALL OVER THE STARS restrained at the start to be last of the four runners. He momentarily broke stride in the back straight on the final occasion and lost approximately 10m but he was able to recover and get passed DIAMANTINA (A Rocknroll Dance – Mach Class 1.56.6, $34,500) (3 back markers) over the latter stages.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.8             Final Half: - 58.5               Margins: - 12m, 30m

Trial 2: - GLENLEDI BOY trailed the leader CELESTIAL TREKKER and came to the outside in the home straight. He finished off well to grab victory in the final stride. GLENLEDI BOY was being reined along while CELESTIAL TREKKER appeared to have something left. ITZ LONGTALL SALLY was stood down to trial after being on her worst behaviour but running a big race in a heat of the Home Grown Classic at Bendigo. She began safely and eased out to last. She remained in last position and only came to the outside when the leading duo were approximately 30m in front of her. She was never asked to extend at any stage. MIDNIGHT RATTLER settled three back on the markers and began yielding ground in the back straight on the final occasion.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.1             Final Half: - 59.9               Margins: - Nose, 30m

Melton 10/09/19

Trial 1: - STAR ROCKER (A Rocknroll Dance – Starburst Girl 1.53.6, $143,670) trailed the leader SHAKE BABY SHAKE and came to the outside on the home turn. He appeared to be under a bit of pressure before the turn but he picked up SHAKE BABY SHAKE quite comfortably at the end. DUSTY (Sunshine Beach – Western Gretel 1.57.7, $33,494) settled three back on the markers in front of ROYAL APOLLO (Shadow Play – Tessanover) but ROYAL APOLLO dashed into third before the home turn. His sprint levelled out in the straight but he was still well clear of DUSTY in the run to the finish.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.1             Final Half: - 58.0               Margins: - 2.5m, 15m

Trial 2: - IMAGINE ITS ME settled at the rear of the field before making a move at the 1400m. He raced in the death seat for the remainder of the journey but he dashed clear in the straight to win with authority. MY CARMEN ended up racing sixth on the outside (1-2) and ran into a distant second in front of OL TITCH, which progressed forward to lead early before taking cover then finding the line quite nicely. CLEVER LOU settled in settled second last position before gaining the one out and one back trail behind IMAGINE ITS ME. Considering the final half was run in 56.5 seconds, it was a good run by the trotter to finish in fourth position. MY COUSIN LENNY began best to lead before taking cover then was shuffled back a place further when OL TITCH took hold. He was held up for a run at a vital stage and didn’t run a bad race in fifth. REALLY CAMPBELL (Artesian – Really Rona) ended up being four back on the markers and came wide into the straight. He didn’t make ground but he wasn’t extended either and for a viewpoint to his effort at Kilmore tonight, his two trials to date have been inconclusive. UNDERPLAY tired after working to the front shortly after the start and beat TREMBITA (5 back markers) to the line.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.8             Final Half: - 56.5               Margins: - 18m, 5.5m  

BLACKBOOKER: - Imagine It’s Me

Trial 3: - The outstanding pacer SHADOW SAX was making his return since being unplaced in a heat of the Inter Dominion and he impressed with a last to first victory. He came to the outside at the 500m mark and landed cover behind VINNY CHASE before unleashing a powerful burst to win and without being pushed. VINNY CHASE did well to pick up second from three back on the markers and THREE WAYS used the sprint lane after trailing the leader ROCK N ROLL CHAPEL to finish third. ROCK N CHAPEL finished fourth in front of SOMEROCKSOMEROLL (4 back markers) but it is fair to say none of the five runners were fully extended, even though the time was very quick.

Mile Rate: - 1.56.9           Final Half: - 55.27             Margins: - Neck, Nose

Trial 4: - HOLY BASIL is an exciting pacer having remained undefeated in two starts to date. He settled last of the four runners and produced a strong finish to run over the top of the leader JUSTICE SERVED in the run to the post. The final quarter was run in 28.4 seconds from leader to winner and HOLY BASIL appeared to have plenty left at the finish. DUSTY MARTINI is a Tasmanian pacer that boasts a handy record and is now with trainer Adam Kelly. He led out, took cover and finished off well via the sprint lane. He finished third but this trial should be a good form reference for the future. METRO MAN was last of the four runners throughout.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.2           Final Half: - 58.7               Margins: - 1/2neck, 2.5m

BLACKBOOKERS: - Holy Basil, Dusty Martini

Trial 5: - THE STORM INSIDE hasn’t raced since suffering defeat for the first time in twelve starts in the 2018 Breeders Crown Championship but he appeared to be very sharp. He trailed the leader MYGOLDENGRINNER, which flew out, then came to the outside with 300m to run. He quickly found the lead and won comfortably in what looked to be a mere training exercise. MAJESTIC CRUISER chased hard from three back on the markers to finish second and ALL A BREEZE came from last of the four to pick up third. MYGOLDENGRINNER tired from the home turn and was some distance away in fourth.

Mile Rate: - 1.57.4           Final Half: - 56.3               Margins: - 3.5m, 3.5m

Trial 6: - Abandoned

Trial 7: - MACH HU showed his usual gate speed to lead and set up a slow tempo. He held on to win the trial but was lucky to do so as PIN STRIPES broke stride at the 300m when commencing his run from behind the leader and checked his stable mate SCARLETT BREW with both horses losing 15-20m. They both picked up a lot of ground and PIN STRIPES made a late lunge but missed MACH HU by half a head. SCARLETT BREW wasn’t far away but was last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.3             Final Half: - 58.03             Margins: - 1/2head, 5.5m

Trial 8: - IRON CHARIOT (Julius Caesar – Sheza Beach Babe 2.3.2, $13,388) showed good early pace to lead from FLYHIGHTANNER (Art Major – Ultimate CC 1.57.4, $35,203) with CALL ME HENRY (Major Bronski – Forza Force) in third and LONG WEEKEND settled last of the four runners. The field stayed in the same order until LONG WEEKEND made a move in the back straight on the final occasion. He sustained the run to hit the lead on the home turn but FLYHIGHTANNER angled to the outside and produced a good finish to get up and win. LONG WEEKEND was a good effort considering the final half of 57.27 seconds and he came from off the speed so he could win a suitable race in the near future. IRON CHARIOT finished third and CALL ME HENRY dropped off the bunch late, finishing approximately ten lengths from the winner.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.8             Final Half: - 57.27             Margins: - 1.5m, 7m

BLACKBOOKER: - Long Weekend

Trial 9: - All of the three runners stepped away safely from the standing start but it was a very slow beginning to the event and ALDEBARAN JETHRO (Andover Hall – Aldebaran Bromac) was spooked when the tape released. ALDEBARAN TIPPETT (Andover Hall – Maori Road) was able to work passed I CHOOSE (Bacardi Lindy – Joyces Choice 2.11.2, $4,215) to find the lead and ALDEBARAN JETHRO settled last of the three runners. I CHOOSE galloped at the 900m and ALDEBARAN JETHRO had to swing out wide to get around it. This left ALDEBARAN TIPPETT nicely clear and he continued to build on that lead in the final circuit to win by a big space. I CHOOSE gave ALDEBARAN JETHRO a big start but did well to pick up second on the line.

Mile Rate: - 2.15.7           Final Half: - 62.46             Margins: - 72.5m, Neck

Trial 10: - The New Zealand Cup aspirant CRUZ BROMAC started off the handicap of 40m against the trotters and zipped home in a quick final half to win comfortably. ILLCRYIFHEWINDS is versatile from the stand and the mobile and filled second position in front of the former Country Cups King in REGAL PEPPERELL. NOVEMBER GUY finished last of the four runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.13.2           Final Half: - 56.97             Margins: - 8m, 7.5m

Trial 11: - RUM AN ROYAL took out the final trial. He pushed forward to find the lead from ROCKFORD PEACH (Great Success – Our First Strike 2.10.8, $18,290) after travelling approximately 300m then copped some pressure from TILLY TIME and took cover with a half mile remaining. He peeled to the outside upon straightening for home and proved superior in the run to the finish. TILLY TIME finished second after doing the mid-race work and the nicely bred ROCKFORD PEACH came in last of the three runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.7             Final Half: - 59.75             Margins: - 9m, 11m