Following the wins of Black Bookers Petite Love (September 29) and Sarah Bonus (pictured saluting easily at $2.7 last night) they've stepped out of my 'follow' list and I've replaced them with Esterna and Thedevilindisguise, who have both caught my eye this week (see below).

Full list of Black Bookers at the bottom of the article.

Good luck!



Trial 1: - SUMO GRIN has recently returned to trotting after having two unsuccessful attempts as a pacer in January. He started off the handicap of 30m and comfortably won the opening trial from the unraced qualifier ALDEBARAN STEVIE (Yield Boko – Im Sonialeelee 2.7.7, $7,150), which was the only horse to have started off the front row. BACARDI CARTA is now with trainer Arthur Wood after being formerly prepared by Bill Morgan and Chris Lang. He finished third in front of MEL DURANT.

Mile Rate: - 2.12.4           Final Half: - 63.3               Margins: - 15m, 6m

Trial 2: - LETS GET SHORTY (Somebeachsomewhere – Ball Dancer 1.58.7, $90,107) is a nicely bred gelding for trainer Adam Kelly and was able to win his trial narrowly from another unraced pacer in DAWN OFA NEW DREAM (Dawn ofa New Day – Real Dreamz). JEMSTONE GLORY finished third in front of UNION FORCE. MISTER GLEE (Mr Feelgood – Love You More) is an unraced pacer for trainer Ginger Gleeson and he finished in front of BRONSKI ROYAL and FRANKING CREDIT (Western Terror – Let’s Go Baby 2.0.5, $26,833).

Mile Rate: - 2.13.6           Final Half: - 61.2               Margins: - 1/2head, 5m

Trial 3: - DUSTY MARTINI was a little disappointing first up from Tasmania after a good Melton trial effort but he bounced back with a comfortable win in the third trial. OUR MASTER GEORGE finished second in front of the smart performer SMART LITTLE SHARD. JACKS COMMAND has raced in four States of Australia and has recently joined trainer Ash Warton. He finished fourth in front of ANODOUBT.

Mile Rate: - 2.4.5             Final Half: - 58.4               Margins: - 3m, 2m

Trial 4: - ZALTA has had a few chances since coming from Queensland but he easily took out the final trial from TREMBITA and ALDEBARAN JAZZI. BRONSKI MOMENT and SHESASTANDOUT were the last two runners to greet the judge.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.4             Final Half: - 60.4               Margins: - 10m, 1m

MILDURA 29/09/19

Trial 1: - SHADYS PURSUIT was the class runner of the trial and he settled last of the five runners before coming out four horses wide around the final corner. It appeared as though he would win the trial by 1 to 2m but he may have switched off when he got to the front and he ended up scoring by a narrow margin. THOMAS HEIGHTS (A Rocknroll Dance – The Golden Bird 2.0.2, $42,254) is out of a fourteen times winning mare and showed some ability by finishing a close second. He settled four back on the markers, moved into the one out and one back trail at the 700m and was three horses wide coming around the final bend. POLOIS OUR MATE (Vintage Master – Cue Sea Lass 2.3.5, $7,444) is related to three winners and did well at his first trial. He raced roughly at the start and dropped back to be third on the markers. He was held up for a run at a vital stage before making up good ground late and without being pushed. GOOD TUBAKEE finished fourth after trying to lead throughout and his stable mate WEMEN ALBY was last of the five runners after leaving the back of the leader to race without cover at the 700m.

Mile Rate: - Not Given  Final Half: - Not Given  Margins: - Head, 8m (approximately)

Trial 2: - MAJOR MUCHA began well to find the markers first before taking cover behind SYSTAMATIC. He came to the outside in the back straight on the final occasion and proved superior to his rivals. SERENE CHANGE came from last of the five runners and chased very hard for a game second. She made up a lot of ground in the final 500m and indicated she might be ready to regain some form. SYSTAMATIC did well for a NR50 gelding after setting the speed with the winner being an in-form NR62 pacer. SHELLDOME (3 back markers) and DREAMINS EASY (4 back markers) both yielded ground in the final 400m and finished a long way from the leading trio.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.8             Final Half: - 59.8               Margins: - 6m, head


Trial 1: - The opening trial was just like track work with GOLLAHMAN leading from HASHTAG and ALLIES MATE in third after starting from the second line. On the home turn, HASHTAG went to the inside and ALLIES MATE moved to the outside in what was a dash for the final 200m. GOLLAHMAN held on to defeat HASHTAG and ALLIES MATE.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.8             Final Half: - 57.3               Margins: - 1m, 1m

Trial 2: - IONA SPIDER led from the pole position and never looked in trouble at any stage, winning the trial by a large margin and without being extended. SOHO LEDGER trailed the leader and finished second. FRATELLINO was a large distance away in third position. He settled last of the four runners and only peeled to the outside when the leading duo were a long way clear of him. He didn’t really do anything dazzling in the final 400m however and seemed to perform a lot better in his trial victory a week earlier. JADEN GIL settled three back on the markers and started to yield ground with 600m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.06           Final Half: - 59.7               Margins: - 10m, 40m

Trial 3: - CREDON STAR pounced on the lead shortly after the start and even though he appeared to be lazy in the front running role, was still able to win by a comfortable margin. NIGHT PERFORMER settled last of the three runners and moved up without cover from the bell. He loomed alongside of CREDON STAR at the 500m mark but peaked on his run late. KRISTINS WISH settled behind the leader but was struggling in the back straight on the final occasion and dropped out to finish some fifty metres from the winner.

Mile Rate: - 2.5.6             Final Half: - 59.7               Margins: - 10m, 40m

Trial 4: - CREDON BOY (Four Starzzz Shark – Cullen Time 1.58.4, $19,308) was slow to begin and settled in fourth position. He raced a little greenly in the final circuit, particularly when he tried to angle to the outside of THE GREEN FAIRY with 600m remaining but he finished off best to get the prize. SOHO SENNA trailed the leader CEE VEE VEE and came to the outside in the home straight. He just got the better of CEE VEE VEE late to pick up second. EMIJAY began badly and missed the start by approximately 20m. She settled last of the five before making a move in the final circuit. She loomed up to second before the home turn but couldn’t sustain the run and dropped back to fourth late. THE GREEN FAIRY pulled hard when three back on the markers but dropped the bit quickly when the field started to sprint up in the back straight on the final occasion.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.2             Final Half: - 60.1               Margins: - 1m, Neck

Trial 5: - MAORISHADOW followed behind the leader FIVE STAR TRUMP until peeling to the outside in the home straight. She lengthened nicely over the final 100m and won the trial comfortably. NIGHT WHISPERER (Quaker Jet – Parisian Dancer) was the only horse in the trial that is yet to face the starter and he was last of the three runners throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.7.9             Final Half: - 62.1               Margins: - 8m, 30m

Trial 6: - OUR YANKEE raced without cover in the early stages and eventually pushed forward to find the lead with 1400m remaining. He set up a slow tempo and comfortably held his stable mate and younger half brother DYNAMIC DIESEL (I’m Stately – Hilltown Ashley) at bay. DYNAMIC DIESEL trailed the early leader FIGHTING WARRIOR for most of the journey and ended up on the back of OUR YANKEE when FIGHTING WARRIOR broke stride with 600m remaining. CHAMP DEVINE was the only horse to gallop away from the standing start. He picked up ground from last of the six runners in the final circuit to run third. FIGHTING WARRIOR was able to recover from his error in the back straight to finish fourth in front of ABILINE (Shoobees Place – Don’t Mess With Luv 1.58.8, $12,376), which raced without cover but some distance from the leader for most of the trip. SHEZAGEM settled midfield on the markers and started to yield ground with 600m remaining.

Mile Rate: - 2.9.3             Final Half: - 62.6               Margins: - 1m, 15m

ECHUCA 29/09/19

Trial 1: - There was only one trial at Echuca but it was probably the most competitive trial of the week with plenty of action from start to finish. MURANO was desperate to try and find the front early but COBBER MAC elected to hold the inside advantage and the pair went very quickly in the first circuit. As MURANO eased onto the markers behind COBBER MAC and the pace slowed, ILLAWONG GALLANT made a move from last and went on an attacking raid. After using energy early, COBBER MAC only kicked up momentarily and ILLAWONG GALLANT worked to the front with 1000m remaining. He kept the pressure on when he found the lead however and charged away from his rivals with COBBER MAC starting to feel the pinch. MURANO and MYTHOS started to chase with MYTHOS being the fresher of the two pursuers and it was MYTHOS that was able to do the best in the run to the finish. MURANO was able to pick up ILLAWONG GALLANT late for second with COBBER MAC finishing a distant fourth ahead of GRAND ASSASSIN.

Mile Rate: - Not Given  Final Half: - Not Given  Margins: - 8m, 3m (approximately)

HAMILTON 29/09/19

Trial 1: - SHADED (Shadyshark Hanover – Miles of Smiles 1.59.3, $5,948) is an unraced filly for trainer Shannon Edwards, which won the opening trial from TORQUE OF DREAMS, whom galloped at the start at her latest racetrack performance at Ararat and is trying to get back into the draw. THE SUSPECT finished third ahead of STRAIGHT UP (Modern Art – Problem Solved 1.59.0, $27,361).

Mile Rate: - 1.59.4           Final Half: - 58.0               Margins: - Not given

Trial 2: - The handy young trotter DUBLIN CHUBB hasn’t been on his best behaviour recently and was stood down to trial after breaking stride at Ballarat. He defeated the pacers in his trial victory. TOMMASO, the 2018 Mallee Bull Pacing Cup winner at Birchip, was also stood down at his latest racetrack performance and finished second ahead of CULLECTNGO and SAMARA CASH.

Mile Rate: - Not Given  Final Half: - Not Given  Margins: - Not Given


Trial 1: - It was a standing start trial for the pacers, which doesn’t happen often nowadays considering there are no standing start pacing events in Victoria but both SICARIO and OUR JIMMIE were able to step away safely. SICARIO led throughout and OUR JIMMIE never peeled off his back at any stage in what turned out to be a qualification exercise only albeit the last 800m was run in a slippery 55.42 seconds!

Mile Rate: - 2.0.9             Final Half: - 55.42             Margin: - 4m

Trial 2: - ON FAST FORWARD angled in behind the leader ARMCHAIR DRIVE at the start with DOUG galloping when the mobile pulled away. The pace was slow early but ON FAST FORWARD had enough speed to come to the outside and accelerate nicely to take out the trial. ARMCHAIR DRIVE didn’t shirk the task in the straight and it is fair to say that neither horse was fully extended in the run to the finish. DOUG missed the start by approximately 50m but was able to tack on and was beaten by 17.5m at the end so there was nothing wrong with his performance after his early error.

Mile Rate: - 2.6.3             Final Half: - 59.63             Margins: - 2m, 15.5m

Trial 3: - OUR SPORTSCASTER began nicely and ended up being behind the leader ISNTSHEJUST throughout the trial. He was able to accelerate quickly via the sprint lane and dashed clear for a good victory. FLAMING FLUTTER dropped back to be last of the five runners before moving into the death seat for the final 700m. He was able to get the better of ISNTSHEJUST in the straight but he couldn’t repel the challenge of OUR SPORTSCASTER. SPRINGFIELD TATTOO settled in fourth position and followed FLAMING FLUTTER in the final circuit. He found the line nicely for third ahead of ROCKABELLA STARZ, which followed OUR SPORTSCASTER throughout and also picked up ground via the sprint lane. ISNTSHEJUST was run over late and finished last of the five runners but she wasn’t beaten by far.

Mile Rate: - 1.58.8           Final Half: - 56.24             Margins: - 2m, 1.5m

Trial 4: - The Inter Dominion champion TORNADO VALLEY scored brilliantly after he pulled very hard in the run and was still able to peel off the back of RED HOT TOOTH to get the prize. It was extremely lucky Kate Gath elected to follow RED HOT TOOTH and not stick to the markers as the early leader SONG OF COURAGE galloped with 300m remaining so it could have been nasty had TORNADO VALLEY been following. RED HOT TOOTH made her move with 800m remaining and gained cover behind GILTY HANOVER, which left the back of the leader shortly afterwards. RED HOT TOOTH got the better of GILTY HANOVER and ran some nice final sectionals at the end but still couldn’t repel the challenge of TORNADO VALLEY.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.9             Final Half: - 57.33             Margins: - 1.5m, 1.5m

Trial 5: - ROQUEFORT CHEESE (Betterthancheddar – Feel The Magic 1.59.6, $27,867) trailed the early leader HAVEACHAT before racing three back on the markers when STORMY BEACH made a quick move at the bell to run to the top at the 650m mark. ROQUEFORT CHEESE then gained an inside run when HAVEACHAT left the markers before the home turn before he angled around STORMY BEACH and held on grimly to gain victory. CALL ME HENRY (Major Bronski – Forza Force) followed ROQUEFORT CHEESE throughout and used the sprint lane in the final stages to pick up second position. WRITERS REIGN (Bettors Delight – Majestic Reign 1.55.5, $60,175) settled down last then joined the one wide line at the bell. He came wide into the straight and picked up ground for third. ILLAWONG NIGELLA (Mach Three – Illawong Geraldine 1.56.8, $39,019) settled fourth and gained the one out and one back trail behind STORMY BEACH before being left in the breeze. She gained cover again when HAVEACHAT came away from the inside approaching the home turn but she was caught behind that runner at a vital stage before working home nicely late. STORMY BEACH tired into fifth after working mid-race and HAVEACHAT ended up being last of the six runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.2.5             Final Half: - 58.82             Margins: - 1/2neck, Sh1/2 head

Trial 6: - HOLY BASIL continued his impressive trial form by winning easily over LENARD ESS and GANGSTA OF LOVE. He trailed the leader GANGSTA OF LOVE before coming to the outside with 300m remaining and rushing away at the finish. LENARD ESS wasn’t really asked to do too much and lobbed along at the back but he was able to run past GANGSTA OF LOVE in the latter stages.

Mile Rate: - 1.59.7           Final Half: - 58.35             Margins: - 24.5m, 8.5m

Trial 7: - NORMANDY BELLE (Ready Cash – Bella Cheval 2.1.7, $38,638) began quickly out wide on the track and gradually angled across to find the markers after 300m. She set up a reasonable tempo and was able to score nicely. NAKED AMBITION (Andover Hall – Starcus $55,576) settled in fourth position before moving into the breeze momentarily at the 700m mark. She gained cover when KYVALLEY CATWALK left the back of the leader shortly afterwards before moving out three horses wide on the home corner. She finished off well with KYVALLEY CATWALK holding down third. KYVALLEY SHOWGIRL (Andover Hall – Kyvalley Kiss) settled three back on the markers and finished fourth ahead of CASH LOVER (Ready Cash – Lucky Love), which was last of the five runners throughout and galloped momentarily on the home corner.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.8             Final Half: - 60.66             Margins: - 2.5m, 6.5m

BENDIGO 30/09/19

Trial 1: - JAY PE DE stepped away well and had an opportunity to lead but driver Anthony Crossland kept him balanced around the first corner and he dropped back to be fourth on the markers. He moved into the death seat with 700m remaining and was able to outstay the leader SURBITON ARMISTICE to win with something in reserve. ENDSIN A PARTY settled last of the five runners and followed JAY PE DE throughout. He came to the outside with 150m remaining and held his ground late without being fully extended. TETRA led out then took cover behind SURBITON ARMISTICE. He finished fourth ahead of CONCHS CRITTER (3 back markers).

Mile Rate: - 2.9.8             Final Half: - 58.2               Margins: - Head, 3m

Trial 2: - ESTERNA was able to lead throughout from the pole position and dashed home in fast final sectionals to win comfortably. FRESCO BROMAC settled in second last position before moving into the death seat and gradually progressing forward with a mile remaining. He did well to hold down second in front of CAESAR MOON (Julius Caesar – Bonitas), which worked home reasonably from three back on the markers. KIWI KALAHARI (Auckland Reactor – Autumn Princess) gained the one out and one back trail behind FRESCO BROMAC and finished fourth with ORPHAN CODY (Grinfromeartoear – Can Y Gwent 1.59.8, $21,055) dropping back to fifth after trailing the leader. DINO BELLINO ended up being four back on the markers and beat home HAND WRITER (Sportswriter – Perfect Katie 1.55.6, $130,363) (5 back markers) and AMERICAN SPIDER (American Ideal – River Reos 2.4.0, $2,250) (1-2).

Mile Rate: - 2.1.9             Final Half: - 57.1               Margins: - 15m, Head


Trial 3: - DELLSUN showed good early speed to get across GRAEMES WISH (Pegasus Spur – Manuka Miss) to lead comfortably. He enjoyed a good run throughout the trial and scored easily. GRAEMES WISH never really moved away from the back of the leader and coasted to the line in second position. COBBLER CREEK settled last of the four and moved into the death seat with 1100m remaining. He moved up to pressure the leader in the back straight on the final occasion but dropped off a little late and finished 8m from the winner in third position. SURBITON PRETENDER

Mile Rate: - 2.7.0             Final Half: - 60.1               Margins: - 4m, 4m

Trial 4: - YOU NINETY TWO pushed forward from barrier five and worked to the front shortly after the start. He kicked well clear on the home turn and held his advantage to win easily. I SEE YOU settled five back on the markers and was relegated to last when TIME TRAVELLER commenced his run. I SEE YOU had to swing to the extreme outside in the home straight and finished off quickly for second. MAGNIFIED settled three back on the inside and was held up for a run at a vital stage before working through the middle to pick up third. TIME TRAVELLER came from last and made a quick dash up to the leaders from the quarter pole but he couldn’t sustain the run and dropped back to fourth late. GLITZNGLAM was fifth after being four back on the markers throughout but he was running home late and he was never pushed at any stage. LIKAVEEEIGHT dropped out to last after trailing the leader throughout.

Mile Rate: - 2.3.0             Final Half: - 57.8               Margins: - 12m, Head

TERANG 01/10/19

Trial 1: - REACTOR FACTOR trialled well at Geelong prior to his debut fifth at Terang and returned to the trials with a big victory over KEAYANG IGNITE (Angus Hall – Aldebaran Revenue), which is an unraced 3yo trotter for trainer Paddy Lee. FREMARKS HARLEY (Roll With Joe – Helen McFly) finished third and the John Meade prepared trotter DIAMOND WES failed to complete the course.

Mile Rate: - 2.0.2             Final Half: - 58.21             Margins: - 44m, 17.5m

Trial 2: - SOHO MALIBU hasn’t raced since February where unplaced in the Allied Express 3yo Classic but he recorded reasonable time in his trial victory over THEDEVILINDISGUISE, which performed well enough numerically to be a major threat at Horsham on Monday. MELODYS DAUGHTER is a former South Australian trained mare, which has recently joined trainer Ash Warton. She finished third ahead of ITZAMAJOR SURPRISE and FANCY PEACH finished last of the five runners.

Mile Rate: - 2.1.5             Final Half: - 57.37             Margins: - 2m, 6.75m

BLACKBOOKER: - Thedevilindisguise

Trial 3: - AMERICAN ZEST is a smart horse and hasn’t raced since a fourth in the Super Series Final behind Tam Major in July. He has obviously come back in great form with a runaway trial victory in very smart time. LET’S SAVE THE DAY showed ability at his first Australian campaign. He hasn’t raced since November so he will obviously benefit from his trial second. JACKS COMMAND finished third ahead of PRINCE MCARDLE, GOODTIME BOBBY and JILLIBY ROYAL saw all of the runners were safely home.

Mile Rate: - 1.57.8           Final Half: - 55.99             Margins: - 24.5m, 6m


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